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Creative Lighting Solutions Aust.

Creative Lighting Solutions Aust. sells a wide range of LED products such as solar power led lights, microwave sensor lights, LED work lights and specialty LED lights.

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Growing pains

By expanding into new markets substantial growth came naturally, which lead to facing a number business obstacles – including challenges with their existing ecommerce platform.

Being the Creative Group's largest ecommerce business the implementation of an effective ecommerce platform was an integral foundation for guaranteeing success. Through analysing the business model Paul, the System Analyst and developer at CLSA was able to narrow his choice down to Neto as the ecommerce solution to improve the current system.

What challenges were you facing before Neto?

The existing website had many limitations, Neto was chosen as we were seeking a solution that would give us one central place for inventory control management, content management, eBay store integration as well as customer management.

What was the end result?

By providing an all-in-one solution, Neto gives us the ability to manage all aspects of the business from one place. The user friendly content management system and the design flexibility from the fully customisable website template allowed an easy transition from the existing to the new website. Most importantly, the eBay module is a key feature that allows us to efficiently synchronise our website and eBay store from one central inventory.


Neto is a great ecommerce solution for Creative Lighting Solutions Aust. It’s currently the best Australian system I’ve found that is equally effective for online shopping management and content management.
Boris, Business owner

Meet the owners

Creative Lighting Solutions Aust. is part of the Creative Group. The two directors, Boris Han and David Xu, started in the plastering business, growing from humble beginnings to being one of the top three in Melbourne. Natural progression led Boris and David to expand on their interest in the joinery and led lighting market. The Creative Group aim to go from strength to strength as they diversify and explore further areas of expansion within the building industry.

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