Sales Orders

Sales Orders

Automate multi-channel sales order management

Advanced order processing capabilities to ensure that orders from all channels are managed in one place and automated wherever possible.

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Sales Orders
All your sales channels in one place

With Neto, orders from your webstore, POS, eBay, Amazon, Catch and more are managed from a single interface and recorded against a single customer record.

All your locations and drop shippers in one place

Manage orders in multiple warehouses or outlets from a single account. Add additional locations at the click of a button.

Integrated workflow management

Create purchase orders, stock receipts, sales orders, pick slips, invoices, shipping labels, return authorisations and credit notes from one place.

Sales Orders
Meet customer expectations

Ship orders faster and more accurately

To meet growing customer expectations, retailers need to deliver flexible, fast and cost-effective delivery options to their customers. Neto helps you achieve this through its integrated fulfilment functionality. From batch order processing and smart picking rules to inbuilt labelling and fulfilment.

Sales Orders
Be a better retailer

Gain a 360° customer view

Being a successful retailer means delivering exceptional customer experience. Gain a single view of your customers across multiple channels with Neto’s integrated order management capability. Orders from multiple channels are recorded against a single customer record so that you get a 360-degree view of your customers purchase history.

Additional sales order management capabilities baked into our platform

Make the switch to a purpose-built order management platform for modern multi-channel retailers and wholesalers
Advanced filtering with batch order processing

Filter orders by attributes such as product, location, size and shipping method for batch processing.

Mobile barcode scan, pick and pack

Save time and improve accuracy with barcode picking and packing. Incorrect picks signalled by an error tone or vibration.

Integrated shipping labelling and manifesting

Print and manifest shipping labels for all the leading carriers directly from Neto. No need for 3rd party shipping software.

Partial fulfillment and dropshipping

Fulfil a single order from multiple internal or drop shipment locations. Partially ship or split orders for shipment later.

Integrated returns and credits workflow

Create returns and credits directly from the original sales order and track from enquiry to warehouse.

POS and Telesales interface

Whether you sell through brick-and-mortar stores, trade shows or events, Neto’s point of sale system makes in-person and tele-sales sales simple.

Customise terms for B2B or wholesale customers

Manage your trade and wholesale customers by specifying their price group and discounts, setting their agreed payment terms, credit limits, account owner and more.

Manage quotes, back orders and pre-orders

Issue quotes and accept orders on pre-order or back-order. Split orders by order line post-purchase for fulfilment later.

Sales and profitability reporting

Uncover product insights that drive revenue growth. Track your most loyal customers and biggest spenders.

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“We can punch out about 80,000 orders per year with such a tiny team because Neto streamlines the way we work.”

Paul Nieuwenhuys

Paul Nieuwenhuys

Automate multi-channel sales orders with Neto

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