Retail Analytics

Ecommerce Analytics

Ecommerce analytics and business intelligence software

Gain access to Glew Ecommerce Analytics inside Neto. Get business intelligence, alerts and automation to help you generate more revenue, cultivate loyal customers, optimise product strategy and drive profitability.

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Retail Analytics
Ecommerce CRM made easy

Our ecommerce CRM helps you build customer loyalty, win back at-risk or lost customers, understand your customer acquisition cost and coordinate data-driven campaigns that drive results.

Connect sales data and advertising channels

Connect data from your ecommerce platform, analytics tools, advertising channels and more to help you understand key performance indicators across your business and maximise your profitability.

Product analytics that delivery insights

Uncover product insights that drive revenue growth. From product bundling to profitability, Neto gives you the tools you need to easily evaluate sales data and capitalise on merchandising opportunities.

Retail Analytics
Work smarter, not harder

Target individual customer segments

Segmented campaigns can increase revenue by as much as 760%. Personalise your selling strategy based on attributes unique to each customer such as VIP Customers, Value Shoppers, Most Active Customers and more.

Retail Analytics
Market the right products in the right channels

Discover Net Profit By Channel

Which products are good candidates for paid search? Which are better for email campaigns? Balance the expense associated with each channel with conversion rates to arrive at the perfect marketing strategy.

Additional retail analytics capabilities baked into our platform

Ecommerce analytics and reporting doesn’t have to be complicated. Glew’s intuitive dashboard does the heavy lifting for you.
Tailor channel and device strategy

Bring your most profitable marketing opportunities to life by understanding product volume and profitability by channel and device.

Increase your average order value

Use bundling recommendations to see products that are frequently purchased together. Increase the number of items sold in a single order and watch your average order value grow.

Track your inventory and manage seasonality

Prepare inventory for peak sales periods to make sure your hottest products are flying off the shelf.

Track your customer lifetime value KPIs

Glew Ecommerce Analytics outputs Average Time Between Purchases, Average Purchase Frequency, Repeat Customer Rate and Relationship Length.

Incorporate Cost of Goods Sold data

Optimise marketing campaigns by understanding how the cost and sales volume of each product impacts the cash available for advertising.

Reward Your VIP Customers

The top 10% of your customers likely generate an outsized portion of your total revenue. Make these customers your brand ambassadors.

Generate more repeat purchases

View and manage new customers to increase the odds that they return for a second purchase.

One dashboard to manage your business

Eliminate data silos with one dashboard. Draw data from your ecommerce platform, advertising sources and analytics platform to see true store performance.

Build and schedule custom reports

Build great custom reports based off of data from every dashboard in Glew Ecommerce Analytics. Access your reports in a central location, and schedule reports to be sent straight to your inbox.

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Unlock your growth with powerful ecommerce analytics

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