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Sell on Catch

Manage your Catch listings, prices, orders and shipping all through Neto while expanding your business into one of Australia’s fastest growing marketplaces.

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Cast A Wide Net and Sell On Catch

Expand your marketplace reach with Neto by selling to millions of deal-hungry shoppers with our Catch Marketplace integration.


  • 4 million+

    Shoppers every month

  • Over 1.7 million

    Products on sale

  • 54% Growth

    In Q4 2018

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    One platform; multiple markets

    Connect your Catch account to your Neto store and start listing products and mapping categories immediately.

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    Reach new customers

    In Australia, sales through online marketplaces are growing by over 30% year-on-year [1] making Catch one of Australia’s fastest growing online destinations for shoppers.

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    Stand out with Catch

    Open your business to millions of loyal Catch customers and compete on more than just price. Build a trusted brand instead of fighting for your place in a buy box.

Manage your Catch operations from a single place

Neto handles all of your Catch listings, prices, orders and shipping so you can focus on driving more sales to your business from one of Australia’s most popular places for online deals.

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    Fast Setup

    Quickly add Catch to your sales arsenal with our new integration with Neto. Use our simple, step-by-step wizard to quickly connect your Catch account and start approving products to list.

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    Centralise Everything

    No more switching between multiple platforms and control panels just to sell one product. Manage all of your Catch listings, orders and shipments directly from Neto and save time.

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    Multi-channel Sales

    Scale your business efficiently and become a true multichannel retailer by connecting your Catch account to Neto, growing your revenue, discovering new customers and driving more sales.

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    Sync Orders

    Connect Catch to your Neto store and get one view of all of your orders from every channel. You can even set stock buffers to ensure you never oversell.

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    Customise Prices

    Sync your current prices or customise them just for Catch offers and Catch Club members all from the one place with Neto.

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    Seamless Shipping

    Receive orders from Catch while managing your shipping and dispatch from Neto giving your customers a seamless purchase experience.

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Start listing on Catch fast with Neto

As soon as Catch was ready I made sure I got it straight away. It was all pretty easy to do which is really good. It only took a few hours to get 5000 products set up and just 15 minutes to approve and go into pick.
Jon Wakefield Pets of Australia

The Only Platform You Need

Marketplace management is part of Neto’s all-in-one retail platform.
Run your business from one integrated dashboard.

  • Sell online, in store, and on marketplaces and shopping engines
  • Manage inventory and customers
  • Pick, pack, and ship your orders
  • Report on your store's success