Powerful MyDeal listing and order management software

Automate your MyDeal marketplace listing, inventory, and orders with Neto, a MyDeal certified solution for growing retailers and wholesalers.

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Simplify MyDeal product registration

Map your product data to relevant MyDeal fields and categories to simplify the creation of new products on MyDeal. Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and data feeds to list in bulk.

Streamline MyDeal order fulfilment

Neto makes managing your MyDeal orders easier than ever before. Our scalable order management system is designed for high volume sellers and automatically syncs with MyDeal.

Automate MyDeal inventory management

Easily track and manage your stock to determine what needs to be listed, what's sold, and how many you have available. Neto automatically maintains your MyDeal stock levels for you.

Access 2 million+ shoppers

Reach more customers with zero marketing costs

Expand your marketplace reach with Neto by selling to millions of purchase-ready MyDeal shoppers. Simply connect your MyDeal Marketplace Seller account to list hundreds of products in bulk.

Be a best in class retailer

One dashboard for all your sales channels

Neto places the power of omni-channel retail in your hands. Seamlessly manage your MyDeal listings, orders and customers from the same dashboard you use for your existing channels, giving you one complete view of your retail operations.

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Baked in MyDeal management capabilities

Scaling a business on MyDeal can be hard. We make it easy with our in-depth MyDeal listing, inventory and order management software.
Pricing rules

Sync your current product pricing or set custom pricing just for the MyDeal sales channel.

Product specifics

Manage all your product data including product specifics directly in Neto. Map your data to relevant MyDeal fields for streamlined listing and improved rankings.

Product variations

Streamline listing by configuring Neto to list variations such as size and colour to MyDeal.

Inventory rules

Set stock buffers and low stock alerts to protect your business from overselling.

Shipping tracking

Shipping tracking data is synced directly with MyDeal ensuring customers are kept updated as you ship orders in Neto.

Order processing

Process your MyDeal orders using the same efficient workflow you use for your other channels.

Grow your business on MyDeal with Neto

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