Data feeds

Data feeds

Product and order data feed management software

Create specifically optimised product and order feeds for all your sales channels and fulfilment locations to ensure the delivery of top quality data.

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Data feeds
Fetch data from any online source

Collect product and order data from any source in an automated way and in just a few clicks.

Push data to any sales channel or location

Prepare high-quality product feeds for any channel using mapping logic and automated rules. No coding, spreadsheets needed.

Automate selling in more channels

Using schedules, Neto automatically get orders and update product availability across all your channels without the manual effort.

Data feeds
Grow new revenue opportunities

Adapt your product data to any sales channel

Using Neto’s powerful product feed generator you can map your product attributes and categories to the format and requirements of the channel you are listing to. You can also create rules to find and replace data and filter results per channel.

Data feeds
Improve operational efficiency

Automate 3rd party order fulfilment

Using Neto’s powerful order feed generator you can push order data to 3rd party logistics providers for fulfilment. Fulfilment data such as shipping tracking data can then be automatically consumed to update the status of orders directly in Neto.

Leverage the power of data feeds

Sell in more places and fulfil from more locations

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