Warehousing & Fulfilment

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Integrated warehouse management software

Save time and improve accuracy with barcode receipting, picking, and packing. Print pick slips, dispatch dockets, shipping labels, and process hundreds of shipments in bulk.

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Warehousing & Fulfilment
Multi-location warehousing

Keep track of stock and manage orders across multiple warehouses or retail locations. Assign products to locations to optimise pick routes.

Route orders to the nearest warehouse

Speed up delivery time and improve customer satisfaction by routing sales orders to the nearest warehouse for fulfilment.

Barcode scan your orders and inventory

Save time and improve accuracy with barcode receipting, picking and packing.

Warehousing & Fulfilment
Work smarter, not harder

Eliminate warehouse errors

For many merchants, warehouse errors are the single largest cause of unhappy customers. By switching to Neto and barcode scanning, retailers and wholesalers can drastically reduce pick errors and in turn, reduce negative reviews.

Warehousing & Fulfilment
Be a better retailer

Ship faster

In today’s world, retailers need to reduce their order handling time to a minimum. Neto drives down handling time with batching, scanning, optimising pick routes and automating fulfilment workflows.

Additional warehouse management capabilities baked into our platform

Neto’s intuitive warehouse management system has all the features you need to establish efficient goods out and goods in processes, keep track of returns and reduce mispicks and other warehouse errors.
Integrated shipping label printing and manifesting

Print shipping labels for leading carriers including Australia Post eParcel, Startrack, Fastway, Sendle and many more.

Inbuilt returns management

Track Return Merchandise Authorisations from creation right through to receipt or replacement of stock.

Flexible picking workflows

Pick by location, product type, product size, order size, shipping method or customer.

Wave pick for improved efficiency

Pick multiple orders simultaneously with Neto’s batch processing capability. Assign batches to warehouse workers for improved efficiency.

Split orders between multiple pickers

A single order can be picked by several pickers or from multiple physical or drop ship locations, providing the ultimate level of fulfilment flexibility.

Pick to tote or bin

Split your pick and pack process in two highly efficient processes with “pick to tote” capability.

Inbuilt inventory managment

Neto’s inbuilt inventory management capability includes purchase orders and receipting, stock taking, stock adjustments and transfers.

Dedicated permissions for pickers and packers

Keep the user interface and workflows simple for your warehouse workers by locking down areas of the application that are not relevant to their roles.

Picker performance reports

Track the performance of your warehouse pickers with each action recorded in the staff audit logs and available through various performance reports.

Customisable pick slips and dispatch dockets

Customise the content, layout and design of your pick slips, dispatch dockets and product labels. HTML templates make design changes simple.

Pre-defined shipping packages

Setup pre-defined shipping packages and Neto will automatically determine which packaging to use for the selected shipping method to streamline decision making for packers.

Custom filters and pre-set workflows

Customise the filters all listing screens to prioritise results. Presets allow you to quickly access frequently used subsets of your data, allowing you to initiate key processes in a few clicks.

Increase the capability of your warehouse with Neto

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