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Carry It Cases

An Australian, family-owned business specialising in the sale of transport cases from the world's leading distributors.

The Challenge: Integrate with MYOB

We approached Neto to build our new website after months of reviewing other e-commerce packages. Neto promised a website with all the bells and whistles we were looking for but what really grabbed our attention was the integration with MYOB accounting package.

We had four criteria our new ecommerce solution needed to meet:

  1. If a customer has entered all the information we require on our website, there should be NO NEED to re-enter that data in MYOB
  2. It should encompass a freight dispatch system.
  3. It should import orders into MYOB at the end of the day and use stock balances from MYOB SKU purchases.
  4. Products need to have selectors that can affect the price if required and ability for mixing of parts to make one SKU

How did the Neto solution help solve your challenges?

Neto offered a solution that met all our criteria plus more. Once set up, the process of managing online sales was seamless, quick and easy. More importantly there was no need to re-enter data. Orders paid by PayPal are automatically ready for pick, new orders are easily debited through the Neto software (no need to open other screens or programs) and everything is updated in MYOB automatically

The transition to a Neto solution was truly very exciting. Our previous system required us to print off the order, manually debit the customer, manually enter the order, process it, then manually enter the data for the freight con note and finally to manually re-enter the data into MYOB. All of these steps happen automatically with Neto!

We have also built a mobile website and an eBay site — with everything controlled from Neto back end.

What was the end result?

From the moment we adopted the Neto e-commerce suite for our business, we saw immediate benefits, including:

  • Saving 40hrs week in administration – the equivalent to one full time staff member
  • Refocus energy on developing our business rather than processing orders
  • Dramatic business grown despite the economic situation


Neto has become vital to our business. It delivers everything you need in an online store, with regular updates that make the package even better. Put it simply - I love Neto!
Lionel, Director

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