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Sisters, Elouise Danby and Amanda Naess launched Bamboo Body, ten years ago to address the ethical issue of throwaway fashion. In the same way that they appreciate timeless clothing, they have the same expectations of their website. So when they were due for an upgrade, they turned to Neto for some advice.

Bamboo Body | Neto Design
The site is great and I was really happy with the design process. Better still, we’ve had lots of positive feedback from our customers about the improved site functionality and new features like letting them shop by Lookbook.
Elouise Danby,
What I like about it is that we can grow to a place where we have an enormous warehouse and Neto will accommodate that, If we go to bricks and mortar, I like that Neto can support us in store.
Eleanor Pendleton, Owner & Founder | Gritty Pretty

A website that grows with the business

An online business needs to look the part, but it also needs to be business ready with integrated apps and targeted digital marketing. Elouise and Amanda were starting to feel their site wasn’t up to scratch. “Our site was starting to show its age and we needed a platform that could grow with our business,” says Elouise.

But there was one stipulation - Bamboo Body had a loyal customer database, so they needed to keep the site’s core functionality along with customer information, product information and order history.

“We liked the fact that Neto offers website design services along with the ability to migrate data from the existing eCommerce platform,” Elouise says. And because more than half of all internet browsing is done on a mobile device these days, it was important that the website was responsive. Neto websites are built to look great on whichever device customers are shopping on.

Starting a wishlist

Neto offers a range of free and premium design themes along with bespoke builds. Elouise opted for a custom website design so that she could really capture the essence of the Bamboo Body brand. “We had a clear idea of what we wanted, so I prepared a list of things I liked and disliked about our current website, along with images of sites that had attractive design features and example sofwhat other online stores were doing that I thought could work for us,” says Elouise.

With a wish list in front of them, Elouise worked with the Neto design team to decide exactly what the custom Bamboo Body site should feature.

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From wishing to scoping

Building a website is a technical undertaking, so a lot of questions need to be answered up-front. That way the Neto design team can create specific project goals, deliverables, tasks, costs and deadlines and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

“This initial phase is a really important part of the process, so we spent a lot of time drilling down to exactly what the Bamboo Body site required. It’s easier to change your mind before coding begins, so this is the time to get the nuts and bolts of the project sorted,” explains Elouise.

Bamboo Body Founder - Elouise

Putting the pieces together

The first stage of the design process is a black and white wireframe mock-up of the website’s page structure. “It’s not always easy to visualise your ideas, so this was really helpful. We confirmed image sizes, the amount of text required and the overall layout before moving on,” says Elouise. The next stage of the design process was to decide on colours and fonts and apply these to the visual mock-up, which gave Elouise the opportunity to see the proposed site design and make any tweaks. Once the design was signed off, the Neto team began coding the site to make sure it could do everything it needed to – migrating customer data, products and the order history. The final stage of the process is to perform site testing to find and fix any bugs.

Bamboo Body Homepage Design

Happy customers all around

Now that the new Bamboo Body site is live, what do Elouise and Amanda think of it? “The site is great and I was really happy with the design process. Better still, we’ve had lots of positive feedback from our customers about the improved site functionality and new features like letting them shop by Lookbook. They really love to see how to style the item and have the option to purchase the entire look,” Elouise enthuses.

And as it turns out the site is more than a pretty face – it’s made other parts of their business easier too. “With Neto we can easily manage our on-account wholesalers because the ordering process is streamlined. They are enjoying the changes too,” enthuses Elouise.

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