ZELLIS Opens Office in Cebu, Philippines Marking Exponential Growth

21 Mar 2019 3 min read

Ecommerce specialists, ZELLIS, announced today the opening of their new office in Cebu in the Philippines.

The move marks the exponential growth of their team by 400% in just 18 months, the broadening of their service offering and the continued growth of their clientele.

“18 months ago, ZELLIS had just 2 data crunchers working on optimizing titles, descriptions and attributes mostly for eBay. We've now grown to a team of 10 super smart and persistent data specialists,” says Founder, Tim Davies.

Off-shoring has been a controversial move for many businesses in the past, but for Tim, it’s about getting high-quality, experienced data specialists while keeping prices affordable for their clients.

“The criteria for our data specialists is very high because this is not data-monkey work. It requires conscious and intelligent concentration to do it right, and when it comes to interpreting data, no amount of automation or artificial intelligence can match what the human mind can achieve.”

ZELLIS began working with Neto 4 years ago and are now a Premium certified partner, providing specialist ecommerce and eBay services to Australian retailers across various industries. During this time, Tim has seen a shift in the nature of work that merchants are seeking. There’s still a steady stream of standard and custom website design and launches that the team carries out, but he’s seeing more and more of the highly technical data structuring and clean up projects coming across his desk, Tim explains.

“Some merchants have learned the hard way that poorly structured data leads to marketplace suspensions, cart abandonment, more strain on customer support both pre and post transaction, and inefficiency across all facets of their business. It doesn't matter how good the website design is, if the data that sits behind it is not sound and complete, many desirable functions are not possible, and this adversely impacts conversion rates, hence lower sales and higher customer churn.”

Although ZELLIS services clients across most industry verticals, there’s one, in particular, that keeps them very busy with data structuring and optimization projects: automotive.

Tim reports that automotive parts and accessories retailers account for around 30% of their client-base due to their unique data and compatibility requirements—especially if they sell on eBay.

“With eBay's recent changes to their search algorithms, many auto parts and accessories sellers are experiencing substantial declines in traffic and sales on eBay and are desperately needing to claw back those losses. These merchants typically have long-tail product ranges and gathering all the data required to give buyers confidence is very time-consuming, but the ones who move early to do so are the ones who reap the benefits.”

“This is where having experienced data specialists in the Philippines gives us a huge price advantage.”

ZELLIS provides services for a number of key ecommerce players including Magento and Shopify, but Tim maintains that Neto is the best ecommerce platform.

“For us, Neto is the easiest and most capable solution to work with for identifying and implementing data changes. Neto's data export and import function is the best we've worked with and gives us enormous flexibility in working with client data, even on live websites. We place a real emphasis on empowering our Neto clients so they can make changes themselves and where they have the resources themselves, we provide training and guidance they need to have full control over their own data and customer experience."

To learn more or start your next ecommerce project with Zellis visit the Neto Experts Directory.