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Melbourne, Australia

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ZELLIS is an online retailing specialist service provider. They deliver winning Neto websites and marketplace integrations, plus Neto training, support and launch services. ZELLIS founder, former eBay Business Development Manager and Manager of Seller Education Tim Davies (often referred to as Mr eBay) is regarded as Australia's leading eBay strategist.

ZELLIS also has an experienced in-house team of ecommerce data specialists who create 2000+ product records and edited images each week, optimised for online retailing across Google, eBay, Amazon and beyond. You’ll be surprised how inexpensive this can be, saving you precious time and giving you a head start launching products online.

ZELLIS regards customer experience, branding and data optimisation to be the key pillars of any successful online retailing business, and all three are a core focus of all projects. ZELLIS works with B2C and B2B businesses across all retail categories, and has a substantial number of automotive clients who benefit greatly from their data services and deep experience with vehicle compatibility.

ZELLIS Lead Strategist Tim Davies is also President of the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PeSA Australia – Tim is highly sought after as an international presenter, strategist and trainer for his wealth of knowledge on omnichannel retailing. With over 25 years of hands-on experience in management and start-ups across multiple industries, Tim is keenly aware of the challenges of success, and his plain English approach has helped hundreds of businesses quickly boost profits.

Free discovery session available upon request.

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8 Reviews

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    Working with Zellis was great, we learnt a lot from the whole experience and would highly recommend! They teach you the ins and outs, have great recommendations tailored to you and provide a lot of insight into the different platforms. Even after our work was finished we still have ongoing help if ever needed. Very professional and easy to use.

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    Aida R.

    I love working with Tim on every aspect of my business. He has been a tremendous help and value to our business, across all sales channels. His expertise and retail knowledge is exceptional and highly appreciated. Above all, I trust Tim and his team to always deliver the best outcome for our business. They will go over and above to ensure that we are satisfied with the final result. I look forward to working with Tim and his team for many years to come and would highly recommend his service.

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    Andre Cato

    We have been working with Tim and the ZELLIS team for nearly a year with ever growing success from his incredible service. He understands how important his customers needs are and goes above and beyond to ensure you get the best result from your website, ebay store and ecommerce channels. Thanks Tim!

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    Working with Tim and Zellis was a great experience. They have provided us with great support and tailored recommendations based on our business structure. Tim provided us with regular updates on the work and finished it within a quick time frame. After our work was competed, Tim was there to provide us with assistance if we ever required it. I highly recommend Tim and the Zellis team.

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    Island Marine

    My online presence needed to go to the next step. I went to several seminars over a few years trying to figure out what i needed to do. Tim Davies name from ZELLIS kept popping up wherever I went. Tim spoke at several seminars and he was a wealth of information. So I got in touch with Tim and it was the right move. Tim helped me set-up my new ecommerce store and Neto control panel.

    Now my whole system has been automated. Processing times have been cut down to 20% of the time it used to take to fill and send orders. My customers are kept to date at every step of the way until they receive their orders and all of my inventory is well organised.

    I can honestly say I would not have been able to do this without Tim from Zellis help.

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    David Bridges

    I have been a customer for a good time now and Tim has been great for our online business as we had a very messy eBay and online store now we have 3 eBay stores, Amazon and a new Online web store just about to launch, I can recommend his team to tackle any task with great results well done Zellis. 10/10

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    Andrew Vivian

    Tim and his team have been excellent to work with. Tim's knowledge and support has been great for our team. The partnership has helped us expand our online profile and given us a more robust structure to move forward with. Having a chat with Tim I would recommend to anyone.

  • No author photo
    Hamish Rodgers-Wilson

    I have known and worked with Tim at Zellis now for since 2007 when he was in his previous role at eBay. Our business Australian Home Brewing have been doing great work with him since that time and we have benefited enormously from the work we have done together. This work has included our eBay and Market Places strategy, eBay store design and full integration on the Neto Platform. He has also helped us transition our business from our previous software to Neto and Xero. A difficult and complex task made much easier with the partnership with Zellis.

    Tim also worked very closely with us to design and implement our new website which is now on the Neto platform. It is a site with over 1000 skus and now performing well in its first few months of operation. We are really pleased with the work he did here and would highly recommend his website and ecommerce work.

    Another great thing about working with Zellis is that we are able to work through what may seem complex problems and come up with solutions that ultimately may be a simple fix. Tim is always looking for efficiencies including time and cost savers through being innovative with the solution. Often this includes automation functionality using the resources and tool available through Neto which is made accessible through Tim’s smarts and knowledge base.

    Great stuff Tim and Crew...well may it continue because we are sticking with you now and going forward.

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