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Melbourne, Vic, Australia

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A Certified Neto Partner, ZELLIS delivers winning multichannel eCommerce strategy, data optimisation and migration, plus Neto training, eBay/website design and launch services. ZELLIS founder, former eBay Business Development Manager and Manager of Seller Education Tim Davies (often referred to as Mr eBay) is regarded as Australia's leading eBay strategist.

ZELLIS offers a unique 'whole business' strategy for retailers and merchants looking to grow online, with a strong focus on customer experience, branding, marketing strategy and streamlining processes and systems to unlock growth and efficiency. ZELLIS works with B2C and B2B businesses across all retail categories.

Tim Davies is also President of the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PeSA Australia – Tim is highly sought after as an international presenter, strategist and trainer for his wealth of knowledge on omnichannel retailing. With over 25 years of hands-on experience in management and start-ups across multiple industries, Tim is keenly aware of the challenges of success, and his plain English approach has helped hundreds of businesses quickly boost profits. Tim holds a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, and also serves as director and secretary of several companies. Free discovery session available upon request.

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