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Increase Sales by 200% With Click Frenzy in 2019

Flash shopping events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Australian-led Click Frenzy attract millions of shopper eyeballs and purchases, massively increasing exposure for retailers and generating huge sales.

What is Click Frenzy and How Does it Work?

Beginning in 2012, the concept for Click Frenzy came from Cyber Monday in the US. An online-only sales event, Cyber Monday was created so that online retailers could cash in on Black Friday, one of the largest shopping events of the year for bricks and mortar retailers.

Click Frenzy Homepage Screenshot
Click Frenzy Homepage

Cut to 2018 and Click Frenzy is now held four times a year in Australia, piggybacking on the busy shopping periods, but also generating sales in traditionally quiet times. The 24 hour mega-sale which takes place on the world wide web, attracts millions of shoppers with jaw dropping prices and deals from some of Australia’s top retailers including Sheridan, Myer, Cotton On and Catch of the Day. In the past playstations have gone for as little as $4 and flat screen TVs for $25!

And retailers cash in too. Neto merchant ihartToys reported a 200% increase in sales during last year’s November event, affectionately dubbed The Sale That Stops A Nation (as it comes a week after Melbourne Cup—The Race That Stops A Nation).

How to Get Involved in Click Frenzy

Click Frenzy for Customers

Click Frenzy works on two psychological principles—urgency and scarcity. The urgency of a 24 hour sale, combined with the limited number of deals/products available, culminates in fear of missing out (FOMO) syndrome, making consumers more likely to open up their (digital) wallets and spend.

To participate, customers must sign up for a Click Frenzy account, and won’t find out about the exact details of the deals and prices until the evening of Click Frenzy, which only adds to the hype. Shoppers can browse through thousands of deals, shortlist their favourites and then they’ll be taken to the relevant retailer’s site to make the purchase.

Click Frenzy for Retailers

Click Frenzy gives retailers access to a database of 900,000+ shoppers, helping you:

  • increase exposure to your brand
  • reach a new demographic
  • attract new customers
  • grow your own database

And, of course, make sales! Retailers pay an ‘entry’ or ‘advertising fee’ in exchange for bringing their best, most exclusive deals to the platform.

Retailers can sign up for Click Frenzy here.

How Many Click Frenzys Are There?

Four, all up.

Click Frenzy Junior, Click Frenzy Travel, Click Frenzy Mayhem and the original Click Frenzy 'Go Wild'.

Click Frenzy Mayhem

7pm Tues, 14 MAY 2019

As we mentioned, Click Frenzy was originally conceived of to leverage the busiest shopping time of the year; Click Frenzy Mayhem, on the other hand was created to drive traffic during an otherwise slow sales period—May. The 2017event was the largest to date, attracting millions of visitors and sales.

Click Frenzy Travel

7pm Tues, 26 February 2019

Travel Frenzy is a sales event dedicated to travel with deals on flights, hotels, packages, tours and more.

Click Frenzy Go Wild

7pm Tues, 12 NOV 2019 (not confirmed)

The original and still the largest event, Click Frenzy Go Wild is on the second Tuesday in November, a precursor to the Cyber Monday sales in the US which are on the 2nd December in 2019.

Are You Ready for Click Frenzy?

It’s easy enough to sign up to participate in flash sales like Click Frenzy, but before you do, follow our steps below to make sure you’ve got both the infrastructure and strategy in place to get the most out of it.

1. Prepare Your Technology and Ecommerce Platform

Firstly, your website will potentially experience high volumes of traffic during the frenzy, and you want to avoid slow load times, or worse yet crashes by having an ecommerce solution that can handle the extra load.

Secondly, many of the shoppers that come to your store through the sales will be first time customers, and you only really get one chance to turn them into repeat customers.

Ensuring a smooth and efficient customer experience from start to finish is vital.

So, you’ll need an ecommerce solution that’s more than a simple shopping cart added-on to your website. A robust ecommerce platform will give you complete control over the entire process from your website design and navigation, through to secure payment gateways and checkout, easy order fulfilment, inventory management and quick dispatch via integrated shipping technology. The Neto platform is your ideal partner for ecommerce, point of sale, inventory and fulfilment and has been helping retailers boost profits through flash sales for nine years. Start your free trial to see how it can work for you.

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2. Promote Your Offer

Click Frenzy does much of the heavy lifting for you in getting your brand and deals exposure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t promote your involvement to your fans as well. Add a banner to your website, send an email to your customers and post on social media letting your followers know what your offer is and how to take advantage of it.

Click Frenzy Banner

3. Order Sufficient Stock to Cater for Demand

Although part of the appeal of flash sales is the limited number of deals available, or ‘scarcity’, if you don’t have enough stock to fulfil these orders, this is only going to frustrate new customers and reduce your chance of turning them into loyal customers. An integrated ecommerce platform will allow you to:

  • view your inventory levels right from within the same dashboard you use to manage your customers and orders
  • sync stock across different channels (if you’re selling on eBay, Amazon and via your webstore, for example), and
  • set stock buffers for each of these channels to avoid these sticky situations.

4. Shipping and Returns

You’ve attracted the shopper to your website, made the sale and converted them into a customer, now you have to deliver their order to them in a timely manner. We live in an instant-gratification type society, and customers want to get their hands on products as quickly as possible.

To help manage expectations (and convert the sale), it’s a good idea to have a clear and simple shipping and returns policy and offer multiple delivery options at the checkout for your customers to choose from e.g. Click and Collect, standard or express shipping.

You also need to make sure you can fulfil and ship the order quickly. If you’re using an all-in-one ecommerce platform with integrated order fulfilment and shipping, you won’t have to worry about exporting and importing orders into a shipping system, manually creating labels or filling them out by hand. It’s also a good idea to have multiple shipping carriers as you never know when you’ll need a back up.


73% of shoppers say free shipping is their No.1 criteria for making a purchase, so consider offering free shipping on all orders, or for orders over a certain value.
73% of shoppers say free shipping is their No.1 criteria
73% of shoppers say free shipping is their No.1 criteria

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Next Steps

If you’re keen to get involved in flash sales like Click Frenzy, there is a huge audience out there ready to jump on the next deal, and lots of success stories from retailers. But, ensure you have a solid strategy in place and a top ecommerce solution to manage the process smoothly from start to finish. Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself winning both sales and new customers!

Does your Ecommerce Platform give you everything you need for Click Frenzy Success? If not, download our free guide on Choosing an Ecommerce Platform.

Download our guide - Choosing an ecommerce platform

This post was originally published on 05/05/2018 and has been updated for accuracy.