The New and Improved Neto Partner Portal

16 Oct 2017 7 min read

We’re excited to announce that our brand new Partner Portal is live and ready for action!

Neto Partners will now have access to all the resources you need to give your clients the best possible experience with Neto - in one convenient location.

Why Partner With Neto?

Businesses who use Neto typically experience a 40% growth in revenue, a 70% increase in efficiency and sell 10x more than those using competitor platforms.

Would you like your clients to experience similar success? Then partner with Neto, Australia’s only all in one retail management platform. Not only will you enjoy healthy referral incentives and build revenue for your business, but more importantly, you will help your clients build successful and profitable businesses.

Neto offers an Australian-first retail management and ecommerce solution that centralises and automates almost every aspect of a retail business from sales channels, through to shipping, accounting, order fulfilment, customer management and more. And it’s built to scale.

There are three types of Neto Partners:

1. Design and Solutions Partner

If you’re a web developer, designer, agency, POS installer or cloud integrator you can partner with Neto as a way to enhance your service offering and add additional revenue streams to your business. As a Design and Solutions Partner you own your client relationship, providing the ongoing services to help scale your clients’ businesses, earning healthy commissions along the way!

2. Referral Partner

If you think you know someone who could benefit from an all in one retail management platform, then become a Referral Partner to earn generous commissions. Accountants, bookkeepers, consultants and more can join, all you have to do is refer a client to us, and we take care of the rest - from initial set-up and training to ongoing support.

3. Add on and Integrations Partner

Neto offers a collection of quality add-ons and integrations for accounting, customer service, marketing and more. If you have a SaaS solution or add-on for retailers you can apply to become a Neto technology partner alongside the likes of Sendle, Xero, Salesforce and more.

What’s in The Partner Portal?

Depending on which type of partner you are, you will have access to a whole host of tools and resources that will allow you to do exactly what you need. Here’s just some of the things:

Refer a Business to Neto, Earn Commissions

So you know someone you think would benefit from Neto? Awesome!

If you’re a referral partner, navigate to the Partner Tools area of the portal and copy your unique referral ID to give directly to your client or to spread the word via social media posts, as a hyperlink on your website, or in emails.

Stuck for how to describe Neto? We’ve done all the hard work and pre-written a referral email for you to send out, which you will find in the Partner Tools area. Making those referral commissions has never been easier!

Neto Partner Portal - referral email

You can also track the status of the clients you’ve already referred. You’ll get alerts from the very first time we contact them, right through to when their site goes live.

Manage Client Stores

If you’re a Design and Solutions partner, you can access the Neto control panel for each of your client’s stores from Partner Tools, check which plan they’re on, as well as their onboarding status. Save the Partner Tools link in the favourites tab on your browser so you can easily jump in whenever you need to work on a client’s store.

Access Resources

You can access a range of marketing resources from within the Partner Portal to help you spread the word about Neto - from social media banners and slide decks, to logos and the Neto brand guidelines.

Add on and Integration Partners can access all the documentation you need to get your integration up and running, including workflows and open API docs.

Partner Community

This is an exclusive, open-floor forum with other Neto partners and experts where you’re free to discuss anything (literally anything) that might be relevant to your clients - Neto or non-Neto related. There are threads for marketing, running a retail business, hardware, designing and developing, and more. It’s also a great way to network with other partners and find people who can help your clients with services you might not offer.

Like any other forum, you can create your own posts, comment on other posts and vote on how helpful or relevant they are. You’ll also earn points for participation, and the more points you earn, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll go! Those with higher points will be recognised as more credible sources in the Community.

Support Hub

In addition to the awesome new Partner Portal, we’ve also recently launched our new Support Hub, which empowers you with all you need to get the most out of Neto.

If you’ve used the Support Docs on our website before, you’ll notice a lot of improvements and extra features in the new Support Hub, including the new Learn Neto training hub.


We’ve recently integrated Salesforce with our Support Documentation, and relocated all the relevant documents to the Support Hub making it much easier to find answers to your questions. The search functionality is much more powerful, and when you search for a topic you’ll see results from not just from our support articles but also from Neto Community posts.

Ideas and Roadmap

Use the Roadmap section to check what updates are coming to Neto in the coming releases. (Roadmaps used to be on our website, but now you can access it directly from the Support Hub).

Want to help shape the future of Neto? This is the place to do it! Support Hub lets you submit ideas for development, and vote and comment on other suggestions you think would benefit your clients. Just check the Roadmap first to ensure your idea or suggestion is not already in the works.

Learn Neto

We’ve created brand new interactive resources like our free online training courses to educate yourself, your staff, and your clients about Neto.

Courses range from basic to advanced to cater to everyone, no matter what their experience with Neto and are split into modules like “Neto Basics”, “Daily Use”, “Neto Implementation”, “Neto Inventory”, “Neto POS” and more.

Neto Support Hub My Learning in Learn Neto
Learn Neto My Learning: Complete the courses you want at your own pace.

You’ll also want to check out our library of walk-through videos, webinars and guides to support your learning or pass onto your clients.

Accessing the Partner Portal

Hopefully you can see why we’re so excited about the new Partner Portal! We can’t wait for you to get stuck in so you can continue to help your clients succeed with Neto. Go to the Partner Portal.

For more information, just contact our partner team on [email protected] or call on 07 3077 9679