Introducing Neto Support Hub: Learn More, Do More

18 Oct 2017 4 min read

At Neto, we are dedicated to helping you realise your retail dreams, whether you are new to Neto and just setting up shop, you’ve been using Neto for a while and are looking to up your game, or maybe you’re a power-user expanding your existing empire.

To us, this isn’t just about providing a platform for you to sell your products, it means continually evolving and improving our products and giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

That’s why today, we are delighted to announce the launch of the new Neto Support Hub, which moves all of your support needs into the one place, offering improved support documentation, training courses, and interactive forums to help you and your team learn all things retail, ecommerce and Neto!

How is Neto Support Hub different?

Because we are growing so quickly (and so are you) we’ve designed a more intuitive, efficient and comprehensive support ecosystem that you will love using.

With three key streams; Knowledgebase, Learn Neto, and Community, the Neto Support Hub will be your one-stop learning shop!

What’s New With Knowledge Base?

We’ve overhauled the existing support documentation to give you a much better experience navigating our Help Articles,Designer Documentation and API Documentation.

  • Smarter search: We’ve improved search functionality and categories to help you quickly and easily find the answers to even the most obscure of questions
  • Search everything: Using this powerful new search functionality, you will be able to search across all of our help articles as well as the discussions in the community forum
  • Step by step guidance: Our Help Articles will step you through the process, in the correct order, exactly as a real business would do it.

Learn Neto

Learn Neto is a powerful place for you and your team to learn all that is Neto, retail and ecommerce. Take your knowledge to the next level; take your business to the next level.

Phase 1 of Learn Neto consists of a range of free webinars, videos and online training courses so that you can school yourself up in whichever areas you choose - whether you want to learn Point of Sale, Marketing, or how to start an eBay store.

  • Learn at your own pace, courses never expire
  • Solidify your learnings and test your knowledge with quizzes
  • Track progress of you and your staff with ‘My Learning’ system.
Neto Support Hub My Learning in learn Neto
Learn Neto My Learning: Complete the courses you want at your own pace.

Phase 2 of Learn Neto will introduce certification and accreditation so that you can boost your resume and take your Neto skills with you wherever you go. Stay tuned for more.


Joining Neto is like becoming part of a really (really) big family. The Neto Community is a collaborative forum where you can ask questions and get the support you need to grow your business:

  • Find answers to your questions: No question is a stupid question and chances are if you have a question then it’s probably been asked it before. Search our forums for previous discussions, vote on how helpful or relevant answers are, add your own thoughts, or start a new thread to ask your question.
  • Build a Net(o)work: Have conversations not just with Neto staff, but also other Neto customers and experts in a peer-to-peer help environment.
  • Points and Leaderboards: Participation on the forum is rewarded with points, and the more points you earn, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll go! Those with higher points will be recognised as more credible sources in the community.
Neto Support Hub Neto Community Forum
Neto Community forums: browse a range of topics, ask a question or give advice.

Where To From Here?

These improvements are just the beginning. Over the coming months we will be rolling out much more in the way of training and accreditation, and continue to provide 360-degree support which will allow you, your team and your business to go (and grow) further. As always, we welcome questions and look forward to your feedback. Access the new Support Hub.

Neto is the only Australian retail management platform that provides a complete solution for ecommerce, point of sale, inventory, and fulfilment. Our integrated back-end technology enables exceptional and consistent customer experiences via any channel, be it in-store, online, mobile, or through a marketplace. We automate repetitive tasks and integrate with multiple sales channels to manage orders and shipments.