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15 Nov 2018 7 min read

With the Amazon opportunity in Australia still ripe for the picking, Neto is the fastest way to list and sell products on Amazon that will help you beat your competition.

Are you already selling on Amazon? Perhaps you’ve dipped your toe in the water and tried to list a few products. If so, then you won’t be a stranger to the frustrating process of uploading your products to the Amazon catalog, which can be done in one of two ways:

  1. One by one in Amazon Seller Central; great if you only have a few products to upload, not so good if you want to do more than a few in one hit or if you have lots of variations.
  2. In bulk via Amazon’s own ‘Inventory File’ spreadsheet. With around 195 columns this is a tedious process that can take hours to complete, but as the only viable option for bulk uploads, it’s no wonder that retailers have been slow to move to Amazon.

If you haven’t started selling on Amazon (but are keen to take the next step), then you’re one of the lucky ones. With Neto’s deep Amazon Australia integration and the release of our newest feature, Amazon Product Registration, Neto merchants can list products to Amazon at speed and won’t ever have to endure either of these impractical upload processes.

Amazon Product Register
With around 195 columns, uploading to Amazon via the 'Inventory File' can be a very time consuming process

List, Set and Forget With Amazon Product Registration From Neto

With the launch of our new product registration feature, Neto’s Amazon integration offers true set and forget retailing on Amazon Australia. Instead of spending hours fiddling with a clunky spreadsheet trying to map fields, categories and descriptions, or days uploading products to the catalog one by one (making sure to fill out every category, variation and other minor details), in as little as 10 minutes you can now bulk select and list entire product categories from Neto to upload onto Australia's fastest growing marketplace, helping you save hours or even days in the process.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Connect your Amazon seller account to Neto
  2. Select the product attributes and categories to add to Amazon
  3. Push Go!
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So if you currently sell Activity Books for babies and toddlers, for example, all you need to do is simply select the category you want to list (in this case it is Babies / Activity Books) then select the most accurate Amazon category (e.g. Baby / Activity & Entertainment / Activity Books). Neto then automatically looks after the rest of the product details and matches them to the correct Amazon fields. Once done, it's simply set and forget, with any future product changes such as prices, stock, descriptions, and images automatically synced between Amazon and your Neto store, similar to how our advanced eBay integration works.

Amazon Product Registration
Amazon Product Registration

Omni-channel retailer and Neto customer, Echidna Sewing have been dabbling with Amazon Australia listings for a while now, becoming frustrated with the manual process for listing their products which are sometimes rejected by Amazon with little or no explanation for why. We asked General Manager, Erik Merkley, how Neto’s Amazon Product Registration would help their business and here’s what he had to say:

At the moment it’s quite a manual process where every product has to be listed one at a time on Amazon. We’re hoping that the new integration between Neto and Amazon helps us process more in bulk, helps us get all of our products up there instead of just a key few, and hopefully makes the process more reliable.

What Happens When a Product Sells via Amazon?

Once you’ve got your products registered to the Amazon catalog and listed via Neto, what happens next? A sale! Nice one! When you sell a product on Amazon, it will show up in your Neto dashboard just like orders from your ecommerce store with all of the relevant customer and payment information. Neto then syncs your stock levels—decrementing that item from the inventory count—then the order is ready for pick, pack and dispatch, which is also managed directly from Neto.

As you update the order’s status, tracking information gets pushed back to Amazon so that the customer can see when their order is dispatched—keeping your customers in the loop keeps them happy!

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Beat Your Competition to the Buy Box

Marketplaces in Australia are gaining more and more market share every year, in fact, in our State of Ecommerce report, we found that one third of online transactions for Australian ecommerce merchants now comes through marketplace channels.

The Amazon opportunity is a big one. With the platform still in relative infancy, it’s effectively a blank slate for Australian sellers and first-mover advantages are ripe for the picking. Getting in early before the majority joins the party (crowding the marketplace and heating up the competition) will afford you a few key advantages:

  • You can start building up a long-term seller history, now
  • You will have a headstart on gaining feedback and reviews
  • Improved search rankings
  • You could own the product page for a particular SKU
  • All of the above count towards winning the Buy Box

But speed is key when you need to beat other retailers to the starting line, and you certainly can’t be speedy with the current process. The Neto Amazon integration will provide the fastest way to list and sell products, letting you spend more time optimizing your listings and growing your business—which could be just the competitive edge you need to win Amazon shoppers’ eyeballs and clicks.

Ready to Reach New Customers and Sell More With Amazon?

Neto’s Amazon Australia integration lets you manage your entire Amazon business from the same place you manage the rest of your retail business. It allows you to list products faster and takes care of all the heavy lifting, leaving you time to focus on the things you should be doing: growing your business.

This is just another step towards our goal to become the marketplace management solution of choice for retailers and you can expect to see more. So stay tuned.

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