Neto 6.15 Marketplace Updates: Amazon, eBay BOPIS, Dynamic Repricing and More

09 Jul 2018 5 min read

Between 2016 and 2017, marketplace shopping in Australia grew by a whopping 74.8%. This year, predictions are pointing to a similar figure. With the release of Amazon Australia and Amazon Prime, existing marketplaces like eBay (now including eBay Plus) and Catch are racing to improve their offerings. This means better features, streamlined purchase experiences, and brand new shoppers—great news for anyone selling on these marketplaces.

And that's why our Neto 6.15 release focuses on, you guessed it—marketplaces! You can now list registered products to Amazon from Neto and control price syncing between Amazon and Neto. eBay has recently launched a service where shoppers can buy online, pickup in-store (or BOPIS), which we’ve enabled in Neto, and we've also integrated with StreetPricer, an AI-based dynamic repricing service that's hailed as 'the secret weapon of serious eBay sellers'.

Amazon Australia Updates

List registered products within Neto

In our 6.15 release, you can now list pre-registered products on Amazon from Neto, even if you are not the one who registered them!

This means you'll have much less configuration to do when listing products to Amazon because product identifiers like the UPC are now automatically synced across.

Price synchronisation

You can now switch off price synchronisation between Neto and Amazon Australia, a particularly useful function if you'd like to use a third-party pricing automation tool.

You also have the ability to control whether or not promotional pricing syncs to Amazon.

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eBay Update

eBay Buy Online Pick Up in Store (BOPIS)

BOPIS (buy online pickup in store) is an invite-only program in eBay that gives sellers the ability to offer pickup from a choice of multiple locations. This program is targeted at larger retailers with multiple bricks and mortar outlets. Check out our support docs to see how you can get registered.

From within Neto, you can set up warehouses to be available to BOPIS and share the address details with eBay for pickup by the customer. Products in your selected warehouses will be available for pickup from multiple locations when a buyer purchases through eBay.

From Neto you can enable BOPIS for listings, enable BOPIS warehouses, notify eBay for pick ups, and send requests to eBay for a change or cancellation.

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If you aren't already, see how easy it is to sell on eBay.


NEW ADD-ON: Dynamic Pricing with StreetPricer

Every now and then we add new tools to our add-on store that we’re really excited about, and for those of you who don’t have time for price monitoring, a Dynamic Repricing tool, like StreetPricer will help you stay in the game.

StreetPricer uses AI to scan the prices of millions of eBay and Amazon listings and reprices yours according to rules you set; allowing you to respond to shifts in the market and win the sale.

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And you might be surprised to learn that prices aren't always 'the lowest wins' - 57% of reprices are actually upwards movements.

Find out how StreetPricer can help you increase your margins with a free 14 day free trial!

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What's Next for the Amazon Australia Integration?

We are committed to continuing to extend our Amazon Australia integration and there are some exciting things on the horizon for Neto customers using the integration, including inventory for FBA and product registrations.

Register products from within Neto

We know how tedious it can be to have to work through two different platforms, and we're working towards full control in Neto.

We're currently working on functionality that will allow you to register products that don't yet exist in Amazon Australia's catalogue.

This means you'll be able to:

  • Map your Neto categories to Amazon Australia's product categories
  • Map the required fields in each relevant Amazon Australia category (like product name, brand name, manufacturer, dimensions) to the product fields in your Neto control panel

If you’d like extra information on any of these updates, you can check out the 6.15 Product Release notes.

You may notice a pattern of lengthy posts emerging. This is simply because I don't want to leave anything out. Keeping you in the loop about everything that's happening here at Neto that may affect you is paramount to myself and the whole team here.

If there's anything you'd like to see in our upcoming releases, I encourage you to share your thoughts on our ideas forum.

Until next time!

Brandon Sheppard
VP of Product