Neto + Street pricer

The most advanced secret weapon for serious eBay sellers. Trial StreetPricer for free for 14 days!

What is StreetPricer?

Streetpricer's dynamic repricing technology scans over 20 international eBay sites, over 35,000 sellers, and actions 85,000 reprices every day so you can stay ahead of the competition without doing any work.

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    Price Monitoring

    StreetPricer continuously scans eBay for competitors on your top selling products.

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    Dynamic Repricing

    Listings are repriced according to the market, competitors, and your pre-set rules. All updates are reflected instantly in Neto!

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    Competitor Analysis

    StreetPricer reports on your competitors' top selling items, identifies their trends and tracks items that compete with yours.

Why use StreetPricer?

  • Review and adjust listings from the dashboard
  • Grid-view listings and update with one click
  • Setup wizard syncs all data from Neto
  • React to out-of-stock competitors with price rules
  • Consolidate multiple eBay accounts

How do I get started with StreetPricer?

You can get StreetPricer up and running on your Neto account in a matter of minutes!

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    Sign Up for your StreetPricer Plan

    Choose from Pricing Plans that accommodate from 1000 up to 100,000 listings

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    Set Up your StreetPricer Connection

    Setting up your StreetPricer API connection in Neto takes minutes. Copy, paste, test, and you're all set.

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    Set Your Repricing Rules

    Create rules to ensure you never sell below cost. You can also make rules around overseas, local, and and low-stocked competitors.

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    Sit Back, Reap the Benefits!

    Log into StreetPricer when you want to check your repricing results, view your competitor analysis reports, or change your rules. No more manual monitoring!