Ace Click Frenzy With These Email & Subject Line Examples

04 Mar 2020 6 min read

Billed as “the sale that stops the nation”, Click Frenzy continues to gain popularity in Australia. Last year alone saw a 43% increase in visitor numbers compared to 2018, translating to nearly a quarter of a million unique views.

This makes the 24 hour online sale event something merchants can no longer ignore. Customers increasingly expect retailers to offer them discounts. And if you’re not holding a sale, they’ll take their money to a store that is.

Whether you decide to sign your store up to the official event or piggyback on it by holding your own sale independently, one marketing channel you need to use to get the word out is email. Not only is email marketing the most profitable marketing channel, returning an average of $38 for every $1 invested, it’s also one of the best means of reaching your customers.

But not all email campaigns are created equal. It’s not enough to simply send out an email blast telling your subscribers about your sale. Remember, the $38 figure is just an average, the more effort you put into your emails, the better your chance of reaching that figure and even surpassing it is.

So to help give you an idea of how to structure your campaigns for success, we’ve gone through and collected some of our favourite Click Frenzy email examples. There’s also a list of subject lines that you can use at the end.

Click Frenzy Email Marketing Examples

Lucky Pet

When it comes to Click Frenzy (or any sales event for that matter) you shouldn’t wait until the day arrives to start emailing your customers. Instead you should follow Lucky Pet’s example with their “get ready” email and start emailing customers at least a week in advance.

By emailing your customers early, you’re building excitement and anticipation. Lucky Pet takes this a step further by including a countdown timer in their email. But this is not the only benefit to getting your first email out early.

During online shopping events, customers tend to decide where they’ll spend their money beforehand. This is simply to ensure that they get the biggest bang for their buck. By holding off with your email marketing, you risk your potential customers deciding to spend their money elsewhere before they’ve even seen your offer.

People’s inboxes will also be flooded with emails come the day of Click Frenzy itself. With so many other email marketers vying for attention, you’ll have a much better chance of people opening and reading your email if you get it out early.

Of course, just like Lucky Pet with the email below, you should remind people of your sale during the event as well. Click Frenzy is one of the few times where it’s okay to send more than one email a day.

One great strategy to use with the first or second email in your campaign is to provide a gift guide to customers.

Gift guides help build excitement by getting your customers to start thinking about all the things they can purchase. And because you’re the only including products from your own store, they’ll likely find something they can purchase from you. took further advantage of how the main Click Frenzy event is right before Christmas with their kids’ toy gift guide.


In all the hype of Click Frenzy, you can’t blame your customers if they forget about your sale. To help remind them and give them a gentle nudge, sending a ‘last chance’ email like Wahu’s one is a good idea.

This creates a sense of urgency in people’s minds telling them that they have to act now or they’ll miss out. Further reinforced by the “don’t miss out!” copy. A perfect example of how powerful FOMO can be.

Reid Cycles

Sometimes invoking the FOMO of missing out isn’t enough though. Some people won’t realise that they should’ve taken advantage of your offer until the opportunity has passed. Others will simply just forget altogether.

If you find that you still have plenty of stock left at the end of Click Frenzy, you might want to consider extending your sale. Just like Reid Cycles did. This gives people who thought they’d missed their opportunity a second chance to pick up a bargain.

Click Frenzy Subject Line Examples

While there’s plenty of email marketing strategies you can implement, it doesn’t matter what you do at the end of the day if people aren’t opening your emails.

And in terms of improving your open rates, it’s your subject line that does most of the heavy lifting. On average, a third of your email list base their decision whether to open your email entirely on its subject line.

So with so much riding on your subject line, we’ve included some examples of Click Frenzy subject lines below. You can use these yourself or as inspiration for your own subject lines.

  • Here’s Your Click Frenzy Sneak Peek 👀
  • The countdown to Click Frenzy is on!
  • Your Click Frenzy Survival Guide
  • Our Click Frenzy Sale - Blink & You’ll Miss It
  • You’ll Want To Keep These Specials To Yourself
  • Get Your Click Frenzy Shopping Shipped Free
  • 📣 Click Frenzy is here.
  • FOMCF: Fear of missing Click Frenzy
  • 😱 Click Frenzy is nearly over 😱
  • It’s that time of year again…
  • Our Click Frenzy Deal? 20% Off Everything!
  • Clock’s Ticking On Our Sale ⏰
  • Get Ready For Our Biggest Sale Ever
  • Your Exclusive Click Frenzy Offer
  • This Is A Once-In-A-Year Sale-Don’t Miss It!
  • Make The Most of These Click Frenzy Offers
  • Free Shipping Nationwide 🚢
  • INSIDE: Our Click Frenzy Offer
  • This Is A Once-In-A-Year Sale-Don’t Miss It!
  • ACT NOW: Only 2 Hours Remaining On The Biggest Sale Ever!

Feel free to copy and paste any of these subject lines into your own campaign, or modify them to suit your sale. If you’re wanting to come up with your own, you might also want to check out this guide on writing the best subject lines for email marketing.

Final Thoughts

Running an email marketing campaign for Click Frenzy is pretty much essential. You’re leaving money on the table if you don’t. And by structuring your campaign well with an announcement email a week in advance, a couple of reminders, and a final, last minute reminder, you’ll be well on your way to acing your email campaign.

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