​Neto launches partnership with advertising platform, AdScale.

Cisco Sara
Cisco Sara, Marketing Manager
23 Feb 2021 3 min read

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with AdScale, a leading AI-driven advertising platform built exclusively for ecommerce stores. Through an integration that is available now in the Neto Add-on store, merchants can harness the power of AdScale’s platform to mine the data in their Neto stores.

Feeding store data into Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, AdScale creates highly targeted ads that according to AdScale’s data see their customers receive back on average ten times the amount that they are spending on advertising. Idan Vaknin, Marketing Manager at Speedo says “AdScale has streamlined our marketing with instant reporting and automated ad creation across all product lines. This quarter alone, they have delivered a 1,312% return on advertising spend, clearly delivering on their promises.”

Featuring a flexible success-based pricing model, AdScale’s advertising platform suits ecommerce merchants big and small, helping them manage costs and get the most out of their budgets. Best of all, with a 7-day trial, merchants can try AdScale’s platform free of charge and see if it suits their business’ needs.

Three reasons we think merchants will love AdScale

  1. AdScale makes it easy for merchants to create and optimise advertising across Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display, Facebook, and Instagram, consolidating advertising activity into a single dashboard, giving merchants a full overview of their cross-channel advertising.
  2. Their AI analyses merchant stores orders, products & customers to run highly targeted advertising that builds upon Google and Facebook’s pixel data. The platform also calculates key performance indicators, creates customer segments, classifies products, and simulates ways to increase store revenue using dedicated advertising plans.
  3. AdScale supercharges advertising making it more accurate with far less work, and delivering more revenue and a better return on ad spend. Their bid & budget optimisation algorithms run 24/7 to monitor the auctions, shift budgets between channels and campaigns and set the right bids to maximise ad revenue.

Learn more about AdScale in our Add-on store.

AdScale Webinar

We recently caught up with Ryan Ben-Yehuda from AdScale, to discuss how their platform enables merchants to improve targeting through their sophisticated AI that optimises your advertising to deliver a stronger return on advertising spend for your business. Learn more about how AdScale delivers on average a 10 times return on ad spend for their clients in the webinar below.

Watch the webinar