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Wholesale Wedding Superstore

After finding a gap in the market for cost-effective wedding supplies, Amanda Beswick's business took off. But working with an ecommerce supplier based in the USA meant her Australian suppliers were unsupported, and when she needed help, time differences created major frustrations.


In a country of over 20 million people, Amanda Beswick was shocked to have to import wedding supplies from the United Kingdom when planning her special day. Having spotted a gap in the market, Amanda teamed up with her mother and started selling wedding supplies on eBay. As candles, tablecloths and cake toppers flew out the door, the mother and daughter team quickly outgrew the garage. So, in 2004, Amanda took the plunge and launched her own web store, Wholesale Wedding Superstore.

Long distance trials and tribulations

Building a website in Australia thirteen years ago proved to be a huge challenge; in fact Amanda couldn’t even find a local web developer. She had little choice but to get on board with a United States based company, but it wasn’t long before it became clear that local support would make running her business much easier. “The different time zones made communication really tricky. Not to mention the business had an extensive waiting list for fixes – and we were always last because we were the furthest away,” she explains.

Branching into retail with Neto POS

Amanda kept searching for a solution to her shipping dramas and in 2012 she discovered Neto. “Neto Ship is a huge timesaver because it automates shipping quoting, labelling, and manifesting with all Australia’s carriers. That’s critical for us because people tend to buy in bulk and things can easily get confusing.”

Amanda also now operates a retail side to the business and has found Neto Point of Sale (POS) to be invaluable. “Our wholesale and retail customers travel long distances to shop with us. Neto POS is a fast an easy barcode scanner checkout system that links live to our website inventory. Recent advances in Neto POS means customers that are visiting from interstate can purchase in store and we can use the POS system to fulfil the order later. It even calculates the shipping charges instantaneously. The customer can head back home and their package arrives few days later.”

Wholesale Wedding Super Store use Neto for wholesale

Streamlining with Neto Pick'n Pack and Neto Inventory

And packing those parcels is now much easier.

“We used to have three people picking, three people packing and sometimes another three people despatching orders. Now one person can do it all and we still save a couple of hours a day, because with Neto Pick'n Pack you can use mobile scanners to pick the products, check the barcode to improve accuracy, and mobile printers print the labels then and there."

It's much more accurate than the traditional pick slip method we used to use.
Wholesale Wedding Superstore Pick n Pack

There are other ways that Neto is helping Amanda to save time on the business too. “Neto Inventory is synced across the retail and wholesale sides of the business, plus it means I can easily raise purchase orders, it automates stock adjustment, helps with stock take and anticipates stock level issues,” enthuses Amanda, who has cut inventory management by 10 hours per week. “I can spend more time on the business, looking for new products or training staff and there’s no need to stay up till midnight managing my stock anymore.”

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Spreading the word - and increasing sales

Neto’s integration with multiple marketing apps has helped Amanda to promote her business, increase sales and improve customer retention. “Sales promotions can be run at the click of a button so we always have store-wide discount and special offers. We use pop ups on the site and can separate discounts for wholesale and retail easily.”

With marketing made simple and business operations dramatically improved, it’s hardly surprising that Amanda has grown Wholesale Wedding Superstore around 20% in the past year.

Neto has streamlined my business so my time is better spent and marketing is a breeze. It has definitely helped me to grow the business.

And Amanda’s mum? “She’s 65 this year and still enjoys being on the end of a tape gun. And now her job is far less stressful so she’s happier in her work too.”

Make the switch and watch your business soar.

Neto is Australia’s solution for all your eCommerce, point of sale, inventory and fulfillment needs. Now you can easily and seamlessly deliver exceptional customer experiences across all channels, while increasing year on year growth by 40% and improving operational efficiency by 70%. It’s time to realise your retail dreams.

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Neto Inventory is synced across the retail and wholesale sides of the business, plus it means I can easily raise purchase orders, it automates stock adjustment, helps with stock take and anticipates stock level issues.
Amanda Beswick, Owner & Founder