Q&A From the Neto 6.11 Webinar

20 Oct 2017 13 min read

During our webinar on the Neto 6.11 release recently, we received a lot of great questions. To answer your enquiries, we decided to compile a list of answers to each enquiry we received,and post the answers here, rather than responding to each one privately, so that everyone can benefit. Even if you didn't have anything to ask, it's still worth taking a look at the Q&A below. If there's anything we missed, please let us know by emailing [email protected]


Q. When will these changes go live?
A. They’re being rolled out this week.

Q. Are all of these add-ons included as part of the existing package?
A. Yes, if you have Advanced Inventory, you will receive all of these updates.

Q. I do not seem to have the same side panel on the left as you are showing?
A. Your site will update over the next few days and you’ll see the changes reflected on your account.

Q. With pop-up images, is there a recommended size in pixels when uploading?
A. The pop-up is configured using the WYSIWYG editor, so it depends on the rest of the elements in the pop-up.

Q. When you update Neto I don't believe you actually notify clients it's happened. Is there a way you can consider notification of when this has occurred?
A. You will receive a notification when you log in. The notification will include a link to an overview of everything that has changed in 6.11


Q. Can we use Stored Cards to process a payment on behalf of the customer in the back end?
A. Currently, Stored Cards is only available to customers at the checkout. Further functionality will come.

Q. How does new Stored Cards differ from current Eway Tokens?
A. For eWay merchants the big difference is that Neto’s Managed Checkout and Stored Cards uses eWay's Rapid API.

Q. Will you be adding more supported payment gateways (Commonwealth)?
A. At this point we are only looking to support Managed Checkout Payment Gateways for Stored Cards. Braintree, Stripe, eWay Rapid and Paymark all have excellent infrastructure for us to do this.

Q. When will Stored Cards be implemented?
A. Stored Cards will be available on 6.11 which is currently being rolled out.

Q. Are there any plans to improve the method for entering multiple vouchers in Managed Checkout?
A. We are aware that aspects of Managed Checkout are bit clunky at them moment. Nothing to announce at this stage but we are working on it. Q. Does the Abandoned cart update support regeneration of carts now?
A. The abandoned cart API endpoint will allow third party developers to build integrations that have access to abandoned carts. It sounds like you are after specific functionality, but not necessarily related to the Neto API. I would highly recommend submitting an idea here with the details of the functionality you are after and how this will help you and your business.


Q. Will stock adjustments push to MYOB Live?
A. Advanced inventory doesn't currently integrate with MYOB live.

Q. Does creating a supplier in Neto also create a supplier in Xero if they weren’t already there?
A. Adding a supplier in Neto adds the supplier as a contact in Xero. The contact will be marked as a supplier when you create and complete a purchase order from that supplier


Q. Will Neto be set up for Amazon before it launches?
A. We'll be announcing more about our Amazon Strategy within the coming weeks. Rest assured, we will be prepared.

Order Fulfilment

Q. Are there going to be any updates to the Pick’n Pack system?
A. It's been on the cards for next year, but not in this release.

Q. Can you elaborate on the process for Cross Docking? Is it not the same as allocating the product to a warehouse and having automated emails sent to the warehouse for filling?
A. The process is explained in our help article here under “Create Purchase Orders from Sales Orders”.

Q. Do you know if we can set the order status to invoice only when it is despatched in this new version?
A. This is not something that we have added at this point. Could you please submit an idea here with the details of how this will help you and your business?

Q. With Cross Docking, we have the orders automatically sent based on Warehouse to the supplier. We do this so that the shipping address is direct to the customer. In this new method of creating orders from the order list, will it place the ship to address as the customer and not us?
A. Cross docking creates a purchase order to be sent to your supplier, to send to you. It doesn't send the order to your supplier for fulfilment.


Q. With shipping, can you add a handling fee on the carrier fee?
A. Yep, you can add a handling fee to the service and rates table within your Control Panel.

Q. Can you generate return address labels from an RMA in Neto Ship?
A. This is not supported at the moment, but we are aware of the demand and will keep it in mind for future developments.

Q. Will the Australia Post freight calculation bug be fixed in this new release?
A. If you've experienced a specific bug it's best to contact support on your original case, as they can then see the status of the resolution.

Q. Does Neto plan to integrate the Shipster service by Australia Post?
A. Australia Post Shipster is under investigation. No plans yet to integrate.

Q. Can you create Free Shipping on a specific product using the advanced discount offers?
A. Yes. In the discount, when you select Free Shipping, make sure it is set to only apply to products in the discount conditions.

Q. How does the new shipping module convert to current matrix options?
A. They will appear under Shipping > Shipping Options now.

Q. Can we have freight charged as a % of the order $ value?
A. Not currently, but that's an interesting idea. I'd recommend submitting it as an idea here

Q. Can we use existing shipping zones for this that aren't listed?
A. Absolutely. Custom Zones will appear in the list.

Q. Can we assign multiple labels to a single shipping method based on zones with this new shipping update?
A. This functionality isn't included as part of the 6.11 update.

Q. Can we have free shipping for specific cities or states?
A. Yes, you can set this with your shipping setup using zones.

Q. Can you specify different user groups in the shipping?
A. Yes, you can make certain methods visible only to certain user groups.

Q. Using the weight or dimension method, will the system automatically select whatever is higher: either weight or cubic weight?
A. Correct, Neto or your shipping carrier will use whichever is heaviest.

Q. Will the new shipping setup override our current shipping labels? We have custom coding on our current labels.
A. Current labels won't be affected, the changes are mostly an improved design and setup workflow.

Q. Is there a way to integrate an existing Sendle account, rather than create a new Sendle account? We want to keep our payment method in Sendle and history.
A. You can reuse a Sendle account that has been setup through Neto. Unfortunately you can't link a Sendle account that was created outside of Neto.

Q. Australia Post are planning to introduce a Fuel Surcharge rate. Will that be available to enter shipping rates with eParcel?
A. If your eParcel account is configured in Neto, eParcel will pass through the total cost, including any surcharges. Other rates can have a surcharge added to the shipping method.

Q. If using the new Shipping Wizard, would you have to delete your current matrix before starting the new one?
A. No functionality has actually changed. We have just redesigned and streamlined some of the interfaces related to Shipping to make it much easier to use. So just continue using the Shipping section as normal.

Q. Can you apply a particular shipping rate to any given product or range of products?
A. Yes, by creating a new product category, and assigning the category to those products. This is great for things that can be posted in a letter, or need special equipment to transport or unload.

Q. Have you done any further work on the Temando shipping module?
A. There's been no changes to the Temando shipping module in this release.

Inventory & Supplier Management

Q. Can we add a supplier from the new product screen?
A. There's no way to add suppliers on the product screen at this stage, but I like the idea.

Q. Has the restriction of only having 90 lines on a Purchase Order changed?
A. There's been no change to the number of lines allowed on a purchase order in this release.

Q. So the export function for Purchase Orders will work just like the existing import/export functions?
A. The export function for Purchase Orders is a new, simple export. At this stage we haven't added the export functionality into the Advanced Import and Export systems. If you have a business need for this functionality, please submit an idea here with details of how it will assist your business. This will help us with prioritising the feature.

Q. Can we add extra product fields to the CSV exported from the Purchase Order?
A. The export function for purchase orders is a simple export with fixed fields. At this stage we haven't added the export functionality into the Advanced Import and Export systems. If you have a business need for this functionality, please submit an idea here with details of how you will help you and your business. This will help us with prioritising the feature.

Q. When will Inventory be released for MYOB Live?
A. There's no news on when MYOB live will be integrated with Neto Inventory at this stage, but you can stay tuned to our roadmap.

Q. Have you enabled the ability to reverse or cancel delivered purchase orders?
A. This functionality has not been added in 6.11.

Q. Can we partially receive a purchase order, as 99% of our deliveries come in sections over days?
A. Yes, purchase orders can be partially received and split into a new purchase order, so you can separately record when the rest of the products arrive.

Q. Can we scan products into Neto Inventory?
A. Not currently, but this is functionality we plan on adding soon. We will announce more details when we can!

Q. Will there be a demonstration of adjusting stock levels from within the product? A. Stock levels can't be adjusted within a product when using Neto Inventory. You need to raise a purchase order or create a stock adjustment.

Q. Has barcode scanning during stocktake has been released? A. This is on the roadmap for development:

Q. Can we import and export Purchase orders in CSV format now?
A. 6.11 allows you to export purchase orders. We are still scoping and designing the ability to import purchase orders. We will announce more details when we can.

Q. Can we scan products into Neto Inventory?
A. Not currently, but this is functionality we plan on adding soon. We will announce more details when we can!

Q. Where can we add our supplier’s ABN for tax requirements?
A. The best place to add ABN is in the “Notes” field.

Q. Can single purchase orders be created from multiple sales orders?
A. Yes, this is part of the new cross-docking functionality.

Q. Is there a stock transfer function ?
A. Stock transfers aren't part of the 6.11 release, stay tuned to the roadmap for any news.

Q. With purchase orders created directly from the pick status, what happens if there are two items on the order with different suppliers?
A. Neto will create 2 purchase orders, one for each supplier.

Q. Can you just keep adding items to the purchase order, then after a month of added items, email the purchase order to the supplier?
A. Yes, but once a purchase order is sent, you can no longer make changes to it.

Q. Can you edit the Purchase Order prior to sending it?
A. Yes, PO's created from sales orders can be edited prior to submitting them.

Coupons & Discounts

Q. How will the redesign of the coupons affect open live coupons I have in the system already?
A. Existing coupons won't be affected. You'll be able to manage them using the new design.

Q. Can we create discounts by brand?
A. Discounting by brand is not supported yet in this release. Good idea though. I will pass it on to our Product team.

Q. Do you have a list of the new discount triggers that will be available?
A. Any new discount triggers will be available in the updated support documentation.

Q. Will the new discount features also include the ability to offer % 'contributions' to charities etc.?
A. This functionality isn't included as part of the 6.11 update.

Q. Can you apply a discount only to a particular customer group?
A. You sure can. Use the ‘Customer Group’ requirement when creating a discount.

Q. Regarding discounts, can you still set a discount as ‘1 use per user’, as opposed to just a single use coupon noted in the presentation?
A. Yes, this setting hasn't been removed, you'll find it in the additional settings for each discount.

Q. Is there a discount option where a client can only use the coupon code within 24 hours after receiving a coupon, i.e. on a pop up?
A. Unfortunately we don't support time-based discounts at this time. I recommend submitting that as an idea to the Product Team


Q. What about offering free shipping over $500 for one courier only? eg we only offer on road freight and not air freight.

A. Yes you can set discounts on specific carriers, see the example in our help article here.

Q. It didn't look as if the new Discount setup allows discounts to be applied to specific user groups?
A. Customer groups can be selected as one of the ‘Discount Conditions’.

Q. Regarding the discount pop-up: if our discount is based on location, can we still use the pop-up function?
A. Yes, the pop-up will only trigger once the discount conditions are met, so if that includes the customer’s location, it will appear for just those places.

Email Marketing

Q. Does MailChimp review abandoned carts?
A. The MailChimp integration has not been updated with this release.

Q. Is SmartrMail a replacement for MailChimp?
A. SmartrMail is slightly different to MailChimp. See the full details here.

Q. Do all subscriptions get SmartrMail for free?
A. You will need an account with SmartrMail. Pricing is available here.

Q. Is SmartMail an add-on feature, or is this now an included feature?
A. You will need to have a SmartrMail account, but it's available to everyone in Neto.

Q. Will 6.11 change any current email subscription links in themes that are setup for MailChimp? A. Existing subscription links will not change.

Q. What is the difference between Abandoned Cart Saver and Failed Checkout add-ons? Or is it better to use SmartrMail?
A. Abandoned Cart Saver is for shoppers who add items to cart but don't complete checkout. Failed Checkouts are when a customer is unable to checkout due to an error.

Q. Does SmartrMail hand SPF records to prevent spam tagging in mail systems?
A. SmartrMail have advised they use DKIM records.

Q. What is the cost of Smartrmail?
A. See the full pricing list here.

Q. Do Neto XL customers get SmartrMail included automatically?
A. SmartrMail is included for all customers, but you will need a SmartrMail account.