Q1 2013 Neto Roadmap

10 Jan 2013 4 min read

Happy New Year! We hope you had a safe and happy holiday season, and are well rested and prepared for the year ahead.

2012 was another huge year for online retail in Australia, with the latest Sensis reports showing growth rates of around 10% for the industry. 2013 will no doubt be just as exciting, and it's time to gear up and prepare for another bumper year.

The Neto team is excited to share our 2013 road map, including some of our key goals for the first quarter.

Q1, 2013 is all about optimisation and innovation!

Jan 2013 - Website Optimisation and Content Delivery

We are investing heavily in new technology, people and hardware to improve system speed, security and usability. This includes serving all of your websites content through a leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) with points of presence across the globe. In addition to this we will also be employing some of the latest technology available in application optimisation. This technology will dramatically improve the speed of your website for local customers while also providing a truly global presence.

Jan/Feb 2013 - Ebay Listing Optimisation and Car Parts Compatibility

We will be improving the way you list items on eBay, allowing you to assign eBay categories and design templates from within product edit pages, or in bulk. This will negate the need for you to have listing templates for each category you list to on eBay. Managing large inventories will become easier and ultimately this will improve your overall eBay selling experience.

We will also be launching eBay Car Parts compatibility, allowing you to assign your products to compatible car makes and models directly from within your Neto control panel. This will become essential for eBay car part sellers.

Jan/Feb 2013 – New Neto M@il

Last year we decided to go on a mission. The mission was to find an easy to use, feature rich email marketing solution that we could build directly into the Neto E-commerce platform. After trialing a number of solutions we eventually determined a clear winner. We have since secured the Australian rights to the solution and have been working on integrating it with the Neto platform. Essentially this new email marketing solution will allow you to segment your subscriber base by both user fields and/or transaction history, allowing you to send highly targeted campaigns that actually make marketing sense. We plan to price this offering slightly below the market leader in this space (Mailchimp), but it will have the added benefit of highly targeted campaign lists (something you cannot easily achieve with 3rd party solutions such as Mailchimp).

Feb 2013 - Mobile Pick n’ Pack – Say Goodbye to Paper in Your Warehouse

We are now in the final stage of testing Neto Pick ’n Pack, our mobile pick, pack and dispatch solution. This system allows you to scan pick and pack orders, and print shipping labels directly from compatible mobile devices. This solution is designed to drastically improve the efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse. We will be supplying the mobile hardware units, mobile printers and labels that make this magic happen!

Feb 2013 – Combined Merchant Facility and Payment Gateway

In conjunction with a third party processor, Neto will be offering our own merchant facility and payment gateway. This will negate the need for you to have a merchant facility with your own bank but will act in exactly the same way. You will be able to accept all major credit cards on your Neto website in real time and money received will be deposited directly into your own bank account. Facility setup will take between 48 and 72 hours. Pricing, terms and conditions will be provided on release.

Jan/Feb/March – Lots More

Throughout the quarter we will be adding other features, bug fixes and improvements. Below are some that we have scheduled already:

  • Migrate remaining legacy system pages to new Neto UI
  • Integrate Temando shipping system
  • Theme builder (edit the look and feel of your Neto website directly from your control panel)
  • Editable pick slips
  • Email logging (direct access to sent email history from your control panel)
  • Integrate Deskpro help desk/CRM system
  • Support for multiple warehouses
  • New sales reports
  • New on-site advertising manager
  • New on-site menu manager

This is just a taste of what is to come in 2013. Our aim is to continually improve our offering so that you can continue to provide an outstanding experience to your customers. If you have questions about anything mentioned in this email please do not hesitate to contact us.