POS Update: Simplify Your Sales Process With Custom Payment Methods

14 Feb 2019 3 min read

Today we are rolling out custom payment methods to Neto POS, giving you more visibility and control over the way you record your sales at checkout.

Custom payment methods are great for when you already accept alternative payments like AfterPay or Cheque but want these transactions to be reflected as a separate item throughout your sales reports.

This means you’ll save time on your end of day reporting as well as making your point of sale faster for staff and customers.

Using Custom Payment Methods

In your CPANEL under 'Add New Payment Method' you'll now find the option for "POS Custom."

Custom Payment Method
You can now add "POS Custom" as a payment method

Once created, you can use a custom payment method to help simplify the way you process alternative payment options from customers, for example:

Paying with a "Buy now; pay later" provider

If you currently accept “Buy now; pay later” payments such as AfterPay in store, it can be hard to identify these sales in your end of day reports. By creating a custom payment method called “AfterPay”, you can now select it in POS to process the sale instead of lumping it in with cash or card sales.

Paying with Cheques

Payments with Cheque can also be easily recorded with a custom payment method that you set up in Neto POS. Now you don’t have to shuffle through your reports to identify sales that were paid with Cheque instead of card or other methods.

Customise Existing Payment Methods

Customisable Payment Methods
You can now rename, hide or change the sorting order of payment methods

When you visit the “Configure” page for a payment method, you can now choose to rename, reorder, show or hide any payment method that you have currently enabled in your point of sale settings.

Learn more about how to use custom payment methods and more in our support article.

Note: If you are using an older version of Neto POS (version 1.13 or lower) you will need update your app from the iOS App Store before logging in.