What’s New in the Latest Neto 5.7 Release

02 Feb 2015 2 min read

February is upon us – the holiday season is officially over and 2015 is in full swing. Here at Neto, we are more positive, more excited and more motivated than ever. It’s sometimes hard to sleep just thinking about the opportunities ahead!

2014 was a year of significant growth, with our Australian customer base turning over half a billion dollars through the Neto platform! That’s a fantastic achievement for you and Australian ecommerce.

We too were busy…

In 2014 we opened our Hong Kong office, almost tripled our Australian team size and moved headquarters to Southbank in Brisbane.

Over 1,500 software improvements, bug fixes, new features and integrations were implemented. We added over 50 responsive website themes to our theme library and published over 200 new support articles and videos.

Our rapid growth has been challenging and like any self funded small business we have been learning along the way. Our goal in June was to improve our customer satisfaction rating (a rating that is calculated by Zendesk) to above 90%. I am proud to announce that in December we hit 91%, 6% above the industry benchmark. This is a number we will continually strive to improve, and with the growing knowledge within our support team, I am confident we will.

2015 will see us open our doors to the world. We truly believe that we have developed a global solution that can compete on the international stage. We will start by setting up operations in New Zealand, followed by the USA later in the year.

I would personally like to thank every single customer that has helped us achieve our 2014 goals. I am forever grateful for the insights that you provide me on a daily basis. It is your knowledge, needs and expertise that furthers the Neto eCommerce Suite.

I believe that having a strong omni-channel strategy is key to our customers succeeding into the future. We are therefore working closely with various sales channels, point-of-sale providers and customer communication tools to make this a reality in 2015.

Neto v5.7, our latest release, includes a number of features designed to help make the omni-channel vision a reality.