Neto v4.31 Released - Upgrade Announcement

07 Jun 2013 5 min read

On Tuesday the 11th and Wednesday the 12th of June we will be upgrading all Neto customers to Neto v4.31.

There are over 50 changes / enhancements in this release. None of the changes should impact on your daily operations however there are a few enhancements to shipping labelling that you should be aware of. These enhancements are listed below along with a list of all other changes / enhancements.

Enhancement to Shipping Labelling System

  1. In addition to the functionality already available you can now calculate shipping costs at the point of consignment creation (provided you have costs loaded in the system). These calculations are based on your actual consignment dimensions and weights, rather than the dimensions and weights in your product database.
  2. All bulk labelling is now done using AJAX. This means that you can now process large batches of labels without the chance of the page timing out during label creation.
  3. You now have the choice to create an "automated consignment" (uses your pre-defined rules as before) or "custom consignment" (you choose your shipping service)

Other Changes / Enhancements

We will be detailing some of these in upcoming newsletters.

User Interface

  • New custom product field manager UI
  • New product category manager UI
  • New buying guide manager UI
  • New product review manager UI
  • New articles manager UI
  • New blog manager UI
  • New advertising manager UI
  • New product variations and specifics UI
  • New shipping consignment creation UI
  • New midget design

Shipping & Order Management

  • Low cost routing for shipping (auto select cheapest shipping method based on pre-defined rates table)
  • Allow shipping zones by suburb (in addition to post code - allows for more accurate rate tables)
  • Ability to set shipping option availability by day, date and time
  • Added "round up weight" and "use cubic only" for shipping methods & rates
  • Added option to calculate estimated delivery time for shipping options based on new algorithm
  • Added function to store holidays for shipping delivery dates
  • Added option to check delivery date is valid on checkout including error message
  • Ability to calculate shipping costs during consignment creation and change to cheapest available option
  • Allow bulk delete of shipping consignments from manifest page
  • Removed ability to edit consignments, new consignments must now be generated and printed (on request of Australia Post and other carriers)
  • Added option to includes / exclude minimum kg on shipping rate calculation
  • Added "required weight" option to shipping carrier system
  • Ability to bulk dispatch approved orders from any status
  • Released Smartsend Shipping Integration
  • Released Temando Shipping Integration


  • New eBay listing template UI
  • Updated error messaging for eBay listing
  • Ajax load eBay listings assigned to eBay listing templates (allows for an unlimited number of items per listing template and faster listing template loading)
  • Added new eBay sales channel widgets
  • Added configuration for eBay to always use store quantity for auto price increase rules for eBay listings
  • Released eBay setup / store import wizard (for new eBay module users)


  • Customer editable kits / product bundles. Allow customers to build kits with pre-defined rules. Ideal for computer builders or outfit builders (requires front end customisation to use)
  • Ability to hide child product pages (auto re-directs to parent product page)

Neto Pick'n Pack (mobile order fulfillment)


  • New setup wizard (for new customers)
  • Added user permission: Has the ability to delete orders
  • Added user permission: Has the ability to combine orders
  • Allow customisation of control panel background colour
  • Allow upload of favicon from control panel
  • Added 5 more custom fields to NetoM@il lists
  • Allow customisation to multilevel pricing separator on data import
  • Allow customisation to compatibility category separator on data import
  • Added configuration to show item internal notes on pick slip
  • Allow multiple neto sites to run off a single MYOB company file (require custom setup)
  • Added configuration for default SAASU accounts
  • Added configuration for SAASU payment id prefix
  • Added sales commission report
  • Added user custom fields report
  • Upgraded WYSIWYG editor to latest version
  • Released Neto API (beta)

Marketing / Web Shop Front End

  • Added User Reminder emails on checkout (requires customisation)
  • Add buy 1 get discount option
  • Added ability to filter products by item specifics on category pages (requires customisation)
  • Added configuration to use parent product images in cart instead of child product image
  • Added error messages for expired or used vouchers
  • Added error messages for invalid vouchers codes
  • Released Neto Theme Builder (For web shop, mobile shop and Facebook store)
  • Fixed pre-order issue - system now only uses ETA date to define if the item is a pre-order (sellable quantity = store quantity + pre-order qty)
  • Allow auto backorder of pre-order items on checkout
  • Allow auto backorder of out of stock items on checkout
  • Allow auto approve backorder on fully paid orders on checkout
  • Added ntheme_asset tag for loading theme related files in website templates