Meet our newest team members

12 Aug 2019 4 min read

Neto is dedicated to providing the best ecommerce support experience in Australia, and we are expanding our Australian support team to achieve this goal. Welcome to Andrew, Rowan and Bree-Anna, who recently joined the Neto team.

Meet Andrew

Before Neto I worked in customer service at Woolworths Supermarkets, I developed my web design skills doing freelance work and building my own online portfolio.

What have you enjoyed most since joining Neto?

The team at Neto is great, and really supportive. Since joining Neto I have enjoyed deploying my skill set to help improve our customers websites.

What is your favourite weekend activity?

Usually a bit of Netflix or Playstation when I'm not catching up on housework or making plans with friends.

If I won $1m I would...

Give half of it to charity, put down a deposit on my dream house, then save whatever is over to start paying off my dream house.

Meet Bree-Anna

I grew up in a mining town in northwest Queensland, Mount Isa. I secured my first fulltime roll straight out of high school and started as a school leaver in the Mount Isa Mines doing IT Field Support. I finished that and went onto a 2-year traineeship completing a Certificate 2 in Information Technology. Once I finished my traineeship, I went onto fulltime and started to look at relocating to Brisbane to move closer to some of my family. I picked up weekend and night work at the local coffee club to save so I could make the big move. And now I have secured a job I absolutely love with Neto in their Customer Support team.

What have you enjoyed most since joining Neto?

I love the atmosphere here, everyone is so helpful and friendly. It makes it really easy to fit in and feel comfortable in a new workplace especially after leaving my home town. I love the fact that my role as customer phone support allows me to learn so much due to the size and capabilities of Neto. The fact that there is so much to learn will keep work engaging and interesting.

What is your favourite weekend activity?

At the moment I have been in Brisbane for about 3 weeks so I am just exploring my new home. When I lived in Mount Isa, I worked 2-3 jobs at any one time so I'm enjoying time to relax and site see. I have also been driving to Toowoomba on my weekends to see extended family that I haven't seen in 5+ years.

If I won $1m, I would………..

I’d move my mum (& family left in Mount Isa) and my puppy to Brisbane first because I miss them!

Meet Rowan

After finishing up in school I decided to follow my passion for food, I took up an apprenticeship with The Treasury Casino and Hotel. After completing my trade in 2010 and graduating with a nomination for Apprentice of the Year, I started working for a few private dinner clubs within Brisbane. After a few years of intense 65 hour weeks, I ultimately chose to move careers and industry for an easier life with my family.

I spent a few years working for a company called Concentrix, where I worked my way up from Level 1 Support to a hybrid role of providing Level 2 Support / Quality Assurance and Training. Eventually, I felt like I had wasted my knowledge as a Chef. However, I did not want to work the grueling hours, that one experiences in the hospitality industry. After some digging around I found a great position at small Brisbane based company called IdealPOS Solutions. I spent the last 2 years moonlighting as a chef with friends and helping the business owners with their Point of Sales system and through my passion for technology and helping customers, this lead me to my new role with Neto.

What have you enjoyed most since joining Neto?

The work/life balance is just outstanding, It was a nice change seeing the CEO in the trenches with support staff on day 1. Very rarely do you see upper management take such a hands on approach; it was very inspiring. I love how warm and welcoming staff have been. It has been a massive task to learn the product; having some friendly and reassuring face to help, makes it that much easier!

What is your favourite weekend activity?

You can generally find me hiking and or rock climbing somewhere within South East Queensland. If I am not out of service I can usually be found training with my SES Unit or working the line at my friend's cafe.

If I won $1m I would...

Probably invest in more hiking equipment (As I don't have enough already) and Go hike The Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail.