Let Neto Set You Up for Ecommerce Success in 5 Easy Steps

15 Aug 2017 5 min read

You’ve identified the problem: your ecommerce store has outgrown your current sales platform. You’re spending too much time and effort maintaining multiple different systems, or too much money buying add-on modules to achieve business-essential tasks. Every time a vendor updates one thing, something else breaks. And you still can’t deliver the type of service your customers expect.

You’ve identified the solution, too: you need to switch to an all-in-one retail management platform. One that seamlessly handles your ecommerce, point of sale, inventory, and fulfilment in a single place, across all your sales channels. One that streamlines your business processes so you never need to repeat tasks in multiple systems. One that empowers you to deliver on your brand promise and give your loyal customers the stellar experience they deserve.

You know what you need to do, so what’s stopping you?

Chances are, you’re apprehensive about migrating all your data from your existing retail platform to your new one. You’ve got all your current stock descriptions and prices in there, and your complete order history. It’s also your little black book with all your customer details. Not to mention the 472 blog posts you painstakingly wrote and published as part of your marketing campaigns. It would be impossible to recreate all that!

We understand why you’re nervous.

But there’s no need to be, because Neto is here to set you up for success. Our migration process is straightforward, with templates and import wizards to help you get it right first go. Alternatively, if you’ve got software development experience or your own in-house team, you can use Neto’s API to import your data. And because we offer a no-obligation free trial, you can test the process out for yourself before you commit to Neto as your complete retail management platform.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Migration Made Easy: Five Simple Steps

1. Import Your Products & Product Categories

The more products you’re listing in your online store, the greater the benefit of adding them in bulk—no one’s got time to add hundreds or thousands of products one by one! Neto’s templates and import wizards make it simple to migrate all your products and product categories from your existing ecommerce platform, your accounting platform, or directly from your eBay store.

Strapped for time? Neto also offers a data migration service to help you get it right first go. It’s worth thinking about how much your time is worth. For just $480, the Neto team will migrate your products, product categories, images, and customers from your existing platform to Neto, so you can hit the ground running. Although you may want to save the $480 up front, your time is valuable and better spent growing your business! Not migrating data.

2. Customise Your Store Design

Select a theme from our massive gallery of free theme templates, or start with one of our industry-specific premium themes starting at just $199. Then use our inbuilt theme editor to load your logos and configure your store’s unique style.

If you’d rather not do it yourself, Neto can help. Love your existing store’s design? We’ll replicate it as closely as possible for you, recoding it to fit our platform. Or if you’d rather celebrate the relaunch of your online store with a fresh new look, our design team can work with you to build a brand new store design. Contact us for a quote on our bespoke design services.

3. Import Your Content Pages

Once you’ve migrated your products, it’s time to migrate the rest of your content pages, such as your privacy and security policy, terms and conditions, shipping and returns information, buying guides, corporate information, and blog posts. It’s a good idea to review the content and check it’s still current and applicable to your new store.

4. Add Payment and Shipping Options

When it comes to handling your customers’ payments, Neto has taken care of the hard work, with instant access to the leading payment gateway providers and third-party processors. Simply enter your account details to get started.

Neto also makes it easy to set up your shipping options including carriers such as Sendles, which can be set up with one-click and will have you ready to ship instantly. Build your own matrix using our shipping wizard, or take advantage of our inbuilt API integrations with the major carriers to generate real-time shipping quotes. We can even configure your shipping for you, for just $160.

5. Import Your Customers and Rrders

The final step in your migration process is to import your customers and their orders using our simple bulk import tool, such as our import wizard, which is extremely powerful and flexible to meet your business needs.

If you’ve chosen to use Neto’s data migration service, this includes customer data migration, and orders are an optional extra.

Make the Move to Neto

Download our free Choosing Your Ecommerce Platform guide and learn how you can make the switch.

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Neto is the only Australian retail management platform that provides a complete solution for ecommerce, point of sale, inventory, and fulfilment. Our integrated back-end technology enables exceptional and consistent customer experiences via any channel, be it in-store, online or through a marketplace. We automate repetitive tasks and integrate with multiple sales channels to manage orders and shipments. And we make it super simple to migrate from your current ecommerce platform. So what are you waiting for? Make the switch today.