Amazon Australia Officially Launches (and Neto Integrates)

05 Dec 2017 4 min read

It’s well and truly upon us, the Amazon Australia launch is (officially) here.

After a couple of false starts, Amazon finally launched almost without a whisper at 3am on Tuesday December 5th. no longer displays the all-too-familiar books and Kindle pages, you can now shop ‘millions of products’ in 23 categories including clothing, electronics, toys and games, beauty, sports and outdoors, as well as the standard books and music categories. All of this, just in time for Christmas. Well played Amazon.

A next day delivery service akin to Amazon Prime in the US is available at the checkout for $9.99 for metropolitan shoppers, and regional shoppers will pay $11.99 for two day delivery. In a move obviously timed for the busiest shopping period of the year, shoppers can nab free delivery if they spend over $49.

Amazon headphones free delivery
Amazon is offering free delivery for purchases over $49.

To Amazon or Not to Amazon?

Amazon will take a big bite out of the Australian retail market—a reported AU$12 billion bite, according to some sources, which is causing many retailers to become concerned. But there is no reason to panic, experts are predicting that Amazon’s arrival will mark an important turning point in the attitudes and behaviours of Aussies towards online shopping - potentially doubling the rate of online shopping.

Online retail sales in Australia have already grown at 13% this year, compared to 2.9% of total retail sales, and the Neto State of Ecommerce Report released last month showed that the amount that Aussies are spending in each transaction is on the increase too, with an average 16% increase in basket size across all sectors in 2017.

Graph of average basket size 2017 - Neto State of Ecommerce Report .
Basket size for online retailers grew at an average of 16% in 2017. Source: Neto State of Ecommerce Report

We also know that product search behaviour is changing (over half of searches in the US begin on Amazon, not Google) and that shoppers are increasingly using marketplaces to buy online.

So, as the saying goes, ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em'.

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Amazon gives retailers access to a large, existing customer base at their fingertips. Be where your customers are.

Already Selling Online? Get on Amazon With Neto

Neto is the first Australian all-in-one retail management platform that integrates with Amazon, allowing retailers to easily manage their Amazon Australia listings, customers, and sales from the same platform as their existing channels.

Here's How it Works:

  • Create and manage listings: manage all of your Amazon Australia listings in Neto. Register products to the Amazon catalogue in minutes, not hours or days with no need for clunky spreadsheets. Set rules for pricing and stock, ensuring your products appear where and how you want them to.
  • Control your inventory: control what’s sold in your store and how many are sold, Neto even allows you to create buffers so as to avoid fulfilment headaches.
  • Manage and ship Amazon orders: the Neto order management system automatically syncs with Amazon, meaning that you can manage and fulfil Amazon Australia orders directly from Neto and push tracking information back to Amazon.

Neto’s one touch retail management platform powers retailers’ Amazon, eBay, web and physical stores as well as automates those manual tasks that can chew up your day, allowing business owners and employees alike to focus on profit growing activities.

Integrating with Amazon Australia is just the tip of the iceberg for Neto, with more channel integrations to launch soon.

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