AFR Name Neto in Top 10 of their Top 50 Most Innovative Companies List

27 Oct 2017 5 min read

We are honoured to have been recognised as one of the most innovative companies in the Australian Financial Review’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies, along with the likes of M&C Satchi (1st), Planet Innovation (2nd) and Deloitte (6th).

In its sixth year, this award is the only cross-industry award of its kind in Australia and New Zealand, ranking organisations against strict criteria, developed by innovation consultancy Inventium. The rigorous methodology assesses the “innovativeness” of organisations based on both quantitative and qualitative data.

But what exactly does innovation mean here at Neto, and what does that mean for you? Here we share our thoughts.

What Does Innovation Mean To Us?

Innovation lies at the heart of everything we do at Neto. We foster in our staff a passion for innovation. We encourage and reward originality, champion new ideas and are always looking for new ways to improve retailing; to help people realise their dreams.

All of us harbour a long-held dream but most of us never achieve it because of barriers and obstacles that get in the way. We aim to change that. We are dreammakers, empowering and inspiring everyone to sell everywhere.

Mobile Pick’n Pack: The Winning Innovation That Makes Merchants’ Lives Easier

Traditionally, warehouse management requires expensive mobile scanners, beacons, and ERP software which, until now, have been available only to big retailers and wholesalers with budgets to match. As former retailers, we felt this very real pain. And when we dug deeper, we found almost everyone in the market faced the same pain.

So we developed the Neto Mobile Pick’n Pack app to improve the order fulfilment process and make life easier for our merchants, at a fraction of the cost. And it is this innovation that contributed to Neto coming in at number 10 on the AFR’s most innovative companies list!

Neto Mobile Pick'n Pack
Neto customers Bambella Designs use winning innovation Mobile Pick'n Pack

Now retailers can manage the entire pick, pack and dispatch process from a standard mobile device, processing and fulfilling orders easily across multiple warehouse locations, improving accuracy and speed, and reducing staffing requirements and costs.

Neto POS: The Single Solution For Multi-Channel Retailers

Another innovation that has transformed the way retailers operate is Neto POS. Many bricks and mortar retailers want to sell online and many online retailers want to set up a physical shop, and until now, doing so has meant running multiple systems in parallel that don’t talk to each other to manage orders, fulfilment and inventory - a costly and inefficient way to to do business!

Neto’s Retail Management platform is a single system for retailers to sell on every channel whether it’s in-store with Neto’s cloud-based POS, via a webstore, on eBay or Amazon, without compromising on customer experience. Using Neto POS allows multi-channel retailers to switch from working in their business to working on their business; to focus on growth and be ready to respond to market changes with confidence (like Amazon!).

Working With Other Innovators

We wouldn’t be able to offer such a robust retail management solution to our customers without the help of our partners, and we are proud to be listed in the AFR’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies alongside Neto technology partners Ebay, Xero and MYOB.

Additionally, coming in at number 7 are our Design Partners, CHE Proximity, who designed and built both the Telstra business site and the Telstra accessory site on Neto. A special mention also goes out to our Technology Partners, Sendle, for making the Top 10 two years in a row - this year in 8th place. Sendle are Australia’s first 100pc carbon-neutral parcel delivery service and are paving the way in shipping and freight for Neto customers.

Neto and Sendle in AFR Top 10 Most Innovative List of Companies
Neto and Sendle both in the AFR Top 10 Most Innovative Companies

Congratulations to everyone who entered and here’s to another year of pushing the boundaries with innovation. View the AFR's full list.

If you’d like to know more about our Neto Mobile Pick’n Pack app or becoming a partner, just get in contact

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