Wholesale Deluxe


If you're a wholesaler, this theme is perfect for you. Packed with a ton of wholesale features, its clean and slick design offers a great shopping experience for your customers. The theme can also be utilised for standard retailers, with the wholesale features either being hidden or replaced with other useful functionality.

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Theme Features

  • Hide pricing from public
  • Quick buy - add quantities for different products, and add to cart with one click
  • Show bulk pricing for products
  • Easy login and registration banner for wholesalers
  • Price on application
  • Mega menu
  • "Buy in lots of X" badge
  • Top seller product badge
  • Sale product badge

Support and Documentation

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  • Search engine optimisation
  • Secure checkout and payment options
  • Theme editor capability
  • Optimised for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10+
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Free theme updates