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Modernise your wholesale business

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    Log in to view

    Limit access to your entire website, specific pages, prices or other sensitive areas to logged-in users.

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    Automate wholesale registration

    Automatically assign new wholesale registrants to a specific customer group with an inbuilt approval process.

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    Wholesale themes

    Our team have built website templates and themes designed specifically for the wholesale industry vertical.

Manage multiple price lists

Neto makes managing multiple price lists at scale easy.

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    Price groups

    Classify your customers into multiple groups and limit products, or assign distinct prices, for each.

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    Quantity pricing breaks

    Charge based on the quantity of each product purchased. Ideal for volume discounts.

Order and payment management for B2B

Scale your B2B order management with a modern order-management solution.

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    Phone orders and quotes

    Accept orders and quotes online or through our tele-sales order-entry interface.

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    Backorders and pre-orders

    Accept orders on pre-order or back-order. Split orders by order line post-purchase.

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    On-account sales

    Set up credit limits and invoice terms, allowing your most trusted customers to buy on their account and pay later.

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    Dropship for your customers

    Ship directly on behalf of your customers with up-to-date product and price lists and their logo on dispatch dockets.

Track customers, sales and more

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    Real-time tracking

    Neto allows you to assign customers to sales reps and track their performance across your business.

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    Log all communication

    Use the contact log to keep track of customer contact. Set follow-up reminders for staff and email customers from Neto.

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    Commission payment reports

    Easily generate reports to calculate commission owing to your sales representatives.

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