B2B / Wholesale

B2B / Wholesale

Neto is the only B2B platform that provides a complete solution for ecommerce, inventory & fulfilment.

Give your B2B customers the modern online ordering experience they’re used to in their consumer lives with Neto’s B2B ecommerce platform.

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B2B / Wholesale
B2B webstore with strict access controls

Build a class leading webstore with online ordering and strict access controls for your wholesale customers.

Integrated B2B workflows designed for wholesalers

Order, inventory and payment work flows designed to streamline back of house operations and improve profitability.

Wholesale and retail under one roof

Operate a modern omni-channel operation selling through multiple channels using a single integrated solution.

B2B / Wholesale
Build strong relationships

Put your B2B customers at the heart of your operations

Our all-in-one operations platform empowers you to put your B2B customers at the heart of your operations. From a class leading self-service B2B webstore to specially designed workflows that improve your back of house operations, our platform meets the needs of modern wholesalers.

B2B / Wholesale
Improve your cashflow

Get paid faster

Neto’s in-built payment workflows include customisable payment reminders that can be triggered at different intervals. When coupled with features like an online payments portal, real-time account history and automated statements you can dramatically improve cashflow and reduce operating overhead.

Additional B2B / wholesale capabilities baked into our platform

Make the switch to a purpose built B2B ecommerce platform for modern multi-channel wholesalers
Log in to view pricing or gated content

Limit access to your entire website, specific pages, prices or other sensitive areas to logged-in users.

Automate wholesale registration

Automatically assign new wholesale registrants to a specific customer group with an inbuilt approval process.

Quantity pricing breaks

Charge based on the quantity of each product purchased. Ideal for volume discounts.

Custom price lists

Classify your customers into multiple groups and limit products, or assign distinct prices, for each.

Phone orders and quotes

Accept orders and quotes online or through our tele-sales order-entry interface.

Backorders and pre-orders

Accept orders on pre-order or back-order. Split orders by order line post-purchase.

Dropship for your customers

Ship directly on behalf of your customers with up-to-date product and price lists and their logo on dispatch dockets.

On account sales and automated statements

Set up credit limits and invoice terms, allowing your most trusted customers to buy on their account and pay later, and automate monthly statements.

B2B customer contact log

Use the contact log to keep track of customer contact. Set follow-up reminders for staff and email customers directly from Neto.

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