POS Features

Point of Sale features

Point of Sale Software for multi-channel retailers

Effortlessly sell, manage and grow your retail business with Neto s cloud POS software. Built for growing, multi-channel retailers and wholesalers.

POS Features


PC, Mac, and iPad

Neto POS works on PC, Mac, and iPad, and syncs to a central database in the cloud. Use any supported device or multiple.

Works offline

You can sell even when the internet goes down.

Lightning quick and touch-friendly

Neto POS is fast. Using the latest in user interface technology, we have designed Neto POS to be responsive to your touch inputs.

Customer loyalty program (coming soon)

Reward your customers with loyalty points every time they make a purchase. Each point has a monetary value, which can be applied to future sales.

Sales and returns


Apply discounts to line items or an entire sale.

Line item notes

Add notes to line items to record additional information related to the sale of that item. Notes can appear on receipts.

Print receipts

Print receipts for your customers straight from your device.

Serial tracking

Add serial tracking to specific products and the system will automatically prompt your staff to enter or scan a serial number at the point of sale.

Park sales

Partway through a sale and need to serve another customer in the meantime? Simply park sales for future access at the touch of a button.

Integrated barcode scanning

Quickly add items to a sale with USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner support. Store multiple barcodes against a single SKU to support supplier changes.

Product and category search

Quickly find what you are looking for by name or UPC.

Returns and refunds

Return items to stock and issue refunds from within Neto POS.


Quickly and easily add notes to a sale or customer.


Offer layby at the point of sale. Customers can pay off their layby in store or via their account on your Neto online store.

Omni-channel sales history

View the sales history of all your customers across all your sales channels from within your POS register. This makes handling online returns in store simple.

On-account sales

Add sales to a customer's account for a true omni-channel experience. Customers can view in-store and online orders from their account on your Neto-powered online store.

Fulfil later

Process a sale in store or on the go and fulfil it later from your warehouse.


Override the dollar amount of a product. Great for weight-based products.

Pay Later

Create orders with no payment. Take orders on the go and allow your customers to pay for their order at a later stage.


Credit and debit cards

Securely accept credit or debit cards through leading payment processors or your own bank-issued terminal.

Cash payments

Accepting cash is quick and easy. Neto POS will calculate how much change is due and automatically round transactions where necessary.

Split payments

Accept multiple payments using different methods for a single sale.

Account credit redemption

Offer the ability for your customers to pay with account credit. Account credit can be manually added to a customer account or generated through a return.

Quick cash

Finalise your sale quicker when given the exact change.

Gift certificates

Issue gift certificates to your customers that can be redeemed against sales.


Stock receipts

Receive purchase orders partially or in full to replenish stock.


Create stocktakes and count sheets for each of your locations.

Stock adjustment

Create costed stock adjustments to help keep stock up-to-date.

Inventory cost tracking

Accurately keep track of your inventory costs, right down to the SKU component level.

Multi-location inventory

Keep track of your inventory across all of your sales channels and locations from a centralised solution.


Create multi-currency purchase orders to print or email. Reorder from stock management reports.

For growing businesses

Multi-location management

Create and control additional locations/outlets from a central control panel. Allocate stock, staff, and registers to outlets and run reports on the performance of each separately.


POS is part of Neto, an all-in-one commerce platform that allows you to sell online, offline, and on eBay from one centralised solution.


Centralised in the cloud

Your products, customers, staff, sales, reporting and more is all managed in one central online database. Secure and accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Easy data import

Use our product and customer import templates to bulk import your existing data. If you have an existing POS solution, we can import your products in a few simple steps. Data import tools can also be used to adjust stock, change pricing and reorganise your catalogue in bulk.

Easy data export

Use our data export tools to export all of your data at any time.

Inbuilt sales history

Access and view order details from the current shift directly through Neto POS.

Daily off-site backups

All your data is automatically backed up daily and stored off-site for added security.

Register closures

Get a printable record of your daily totals. Add notes and reconcile your totals by payment type.

Register shift closures

Record takings for each shift. Neto POS will estimate the expected shift allowing staff to look for any discrepancies.

Staff accounts with PIN control

Create user accounts for your staff members to track sales, manage permissions, and control security. Simple PIN access makes it quick and easy for staff to switch between users.

Register/device management

Lock registers to specific hardware devices for complete control over your sales architecture.

Cashier sales

Track sales by cashier (staff user), location, and date.


Customer details

Record customer contact details and assign new or existing customers to a sale.

Customer groups

Organise customers into groups (e.g. VIP, wholesale, club member, etc.) for marketing, loyalty, and pricing purposes.

Pricing and promotions

Promotional pricing

Run and manage promotions by schedule. Refine by customer group.

User group pricing/price books

Allocate special pricing by customer group. Ideal for building loyalty or wholesale use cases.


Composite/kitted products

Create bundled products from other products in your catalogue.

Price label printing

Print barcoded pricing labels for your products. Have the system auto-generate a barcode for you, if one does not exist.


Customise receipts

Edit the header and footer or your printed receipts. Add your store terms, promotional text, and more.

Email receipts

Email receipts to your customers from the point of sale.



Over 40 inbuilt reports including product and sales reports, a real-time dashboard, and employee performance reports.

Centralised dashboard

Track orders, revenue, and key performance indicators across all your stores with your own real-time dashboard. Install custom widgets and organise your dashboard to suit your specific needs.

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