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Online store for growing retailers and wholesalers

Neto empowers retailers and wholesalers to build class leading, fully featured online stores that have a 99.99% average uptime, and are level-1 PCI Compliant.

Webstore design

  • Free professionally-designed themes

    Choose from over 70 free, editable and fully-responsive website themes designed by professional web designers. Or build from scratch.

  • Custom design at your service

    Looking for something unique? Our premium design partners can design a website to suit your needs.

  • Editable HTML, CSS, and JS

    You have full access to the HTML, CSS, and JS of your store, making it easy to customise every aspect of your website. Our templates also support programming logic.

  • Mobile-ready

    All our website templates are responsive. This means that they are future-proof, and beautifully accessible from desktop and mobile devices.

  • Inbuilt design editor

    No design or HTML skills? No worries! Use our inbuilt theme-editor to style your website to match your branding. No prior experience required.

  • Built on Bootstrap

    If you are familiar with the Bootstrap HTML and CSS framework, you will love the fact that all our templates are based on Bootstrap. We even supply free skeletal templates and all the documentation you need to get started.

  • HTML-compliant and SEO-friendly

    Our templates are designed to be search engine-friendly. We understand the importance of organic traffic to your retail store, therefore making this a key focus.

  • Your own domain name

    Use your own domain name or purchase one through one of our domain name re-sellers. Everything about your web shop, including URLs, is 100% customisable.

Webstore function

  • More than just ecommerce websites

    Neto is a complete content management system that lets you build and manage a content-rich, dynamic website with enterprise-level ecommerce functionality built in. Add a blog, buying guides, articles, forms, and more.

  • Flexible catalogue navigation

    Add products to an unlimited number of product categories. Turn on filters and allow customers to filter by category and search results by predefined specifics (e.g. size or colour).

  • Powerful search engine

    Search features you expect in an enterprise solution including: Search-as-you-type, search suggestions, relevant results and customisable search filters.

  • Customer wish lists

    Allow customers to add their favourite products to wishlists for future purchase. Customers can even create multiple wish lists for different occasions.

  • Custom landing pages

    Create an unlimited number of custom landing pages for marketing campaigns or special promotions.

  • Product finders

    Do you sell car parts, printer supplies, or anything that needs compatibility matching? Build a dynamic product finder that allows customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

  • Customer portal

    Customers can login to update their account details, view and pay past orders, approve quotes, and raise disputes through the "My Account" section of your store.

  • Customer reviews and comments

    Allow your customers to rate and review products they have purchased. Enable commenting to allow others to comment on these reviews and blog posts.

  • Social sharing

    Customers can share products, blog posts, and other content pages on popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Shopping cart

  • Secure shopping cart

    All account pages, including your checkout pages, are secured by 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL) technology.

  • One-page checkout

    You can expect lower cart abandonment rates with our one-page Ajax checkout. Quick, easy and secure.

  • Ship to multiple addresses

    Customers can choose to have a single shopping cart shipped to multiple addresses. Ideal when purchasing gifts for family members.

  • Automatic taxes

    Neto will automatically remove tax for international purchases. You can also flag products, such as food, to be tax-free.

  • Recover abandoned carts

    Recover lost sales by automatically sending an email to shoppers with a link to their abandoned shopping cart. Incentivize them to come back by adding a coupon code to these emails.

  • Guest or account checkout

    Customers can choose to create an account or checkout as a guest. Account customers can log in to view order history, pay past orders, and update account details.

  • Upsell at cart

    Increase your average order value with cart upsells. Product recommendations based on the contents of a customer's shopping cart.

  • Real-time shipping quotes

    Provide accurate, real-time shipping quotes on product, shopping cart, and checkout pages.

  • Delivery date selector

    Customers can select their preferred delivery date with available dates based on your predefined setup. Exclude weekends and holidays and take into account expected shipping times.

  • Create quote from cart

    Customers can create a quote from their shopping cart instead of checking out. You or the customer can then select to change the quote to an order for later payment.

  • Zip/postcode and suburb validation

    Improve accuracy of deliveries with in-built zip/postcode and suburb validation.

  • Configurable checkout

    Customize aspects of your checkout with the click of a button. No coding required.

Product management

  • Multi-location inventory control

    Keep track of your inventory across multiple warehouses/locations. Display real-time stock availability per warehouse/location to your customers.

  • Product variations

    If you sell products with varying buying options such as colour and size, we have you covered! Each variation can have its own SKU, name, price, image, stock, and description.

  • Unlimited product images

    Add an unlimited number of images per product. Neto will automatically resize and optimise your images to suit your website design.

  • Kitting and bundles

    Bundle products together to sell as single unit or enable customisable kits to allow customers to build their own products based on your predefined rules.

  • Gift messaging

    Offer the option for your customers to write gift card messages for gifts they purchase from your website. Have these messages automatically printed on premade stationary in a font of your choice.

  • Gift vouchers

    Sell electronic gift vouchers that can be redeemed on your website.

  • Non-inventoried product options

    Offer gift wrapping, gift messaging and other non-inventoried product options per SKU.

  • Custom product fields

    Add your own product fields to the database to store additional product data.

  • Easy product management

    Add and update products by using our built-in product manager, importing a file, or using our API.

  • Limit access to products by group

    Limit access to specific products by customer group. This feature allows you to create products dedicated to specific customers.

  • Per product pricing rules

    Charge different pricing to different customers based on their assigned group or the quantity of a product they are purchasing.

  • Sell services

    Sell non-inventoried products such as services or products that are made to order.

  • Inventory reorder reports

    Run powerful reports to calculate when and how much to order by supplier or SKU. Reports take into account past sales and future projections.

  • Inventory restock alerts

    Email alerts keep you updated, when products sell out or reach your set alert level.

Orders management

  • Built-in order management

    Manage orders across multiple sales channel from creation through to dispatch.

  • Multi-location/warehouse fulfilment

    Fulfill a single order from multiple locations/warehouses. Automatically allocate order lines to warehouses by stock availability or location of customer.

  • Built-in shipping labelling and manifesting

    Print and manifest your shipping labels directly from orders in Neto, no need to export to or use third-party applications. Print to laser or thermal printers.

  • Multi-carrier support

    Print labels for Aus Post eParcel, eParcel International, TNT, Couriers Please, Toll iPec, Startrack, Fastway, Allied Express, Hunter Express, Direct Freight, and more.

  • Telesales order entry interface

    One-page order entry interface for telesales orders.

  • Pre-order and back-order support

    Accept orders on pre-order of back-order. Split orders by order line post-purchase.

  • Drop-shipping made easy

    Automate your drop-ship business with drop-ship warehouses. Automatically send PDF and CSV purchase orders to suppliers based on predefined rules. Split a single order across multiple suppliers.

  • In-store fulfilment

    Is your stock managed across multiple offline stores? Fulfil from your store with Neto Pick'n Pack, the world's first Apple-approved in-store pick, pack, and dispatch app with laser barcode scanning.

  • Order notes

    Keep track of special requirements and details by attaching notes to items within an order or to the whole order.

  • Batch order processing

    Batch order processing allows you to streamline your shipping process and create and print labels—plus pick and pack lists—for multiple orders with just a few clicks.

  • Mobile scan picking and packing

    Save time and improve accuracy with barcode picking. Incorrect picks signaled by an error tone or vibration.

  • Inbuilt returns management

    Manage order returns and customer credits from within Neto. Send return merchandise authorizations and track the progress of a return from start to finish.

  • Combine orders

    Combine multiple outstanding orders together at the click of a button to reduce shipping costs.

  • Invoice and email notifications

    Automated receipt, invoice, and shipping tracking emails and PDF documents. Customise the look and layout of all system-generated emails and documents.

  • Multiple order status

    Organise orders by status for the efficient management of large order volumes. Use custom filters and fields to create your own order processing workflows.

  • Import/export orders

    Import and export orders in bulk using our file drop system or API.

  • Sync with accounting

    Direct two-way integrations with popular accounting programs such as Xero, MYOB, and Saasu.


  • Stock receipts

    Receive purchase orders partially or in full to replenish stock.

  • Stocktakes

    Create stocktakes and count sheets for each of your locations.

  • Stock adjustment

    Create costed stock adjustments to help keep stock up-to-date.

  • Inventory cost tracking

    Accurately keep track of your inventory costs, right down to the SKU component level.

  • Multi-location inventory

    Keep track of your inventory across all of your sales channels and locations from a centralised solution.

  • Purchasing

    Create multi-currency purchase orders to print or email. Reorder from stock management reports.

Shipping and dispatch

  • Inbuilt shipping labelling and manifesting

    Print and manifest your shipping labels directly from orders in Neto, no need to export to or use third-party applications. Print to laser or thermal printers.

  • Multi-carrier support

    Integrated with the leading shipping carriers: Australia Post, eParcel, TNT, Toll, Couriers Please, Startrack, AAE, Allied Express, Hunter Express, Fastway, Direct Freight, NZ Courier Post, Want It Now, and Omni Parcel, as well as leading freight aggregators such as TIG, Openfreight, Temando, and Sendle.

  • Real-time shipping quotes

    Provide your customers and staff with accurate, real-time shipping quotes at the click of a button.

  • Mobile label printing

    Pick, pack, and print shipping consignments for orders using our Apple Pick'n Pack app. Now you can run a paperless warehouse with barcode picking supported.

  • Custom rate zones

    Create your own charge zones by postcode, suburb, or country.

  • Flexible charging

    Charge by weight or cubic, flat rate, order quantity, carton size, order value, or per product.

  • Auto packaging and labelling algorithm

    Set up Neto to automatically package your orders into pre-defined cartons and create the correct number of shipping labels on the fly.

  • Batch labelling

    Print shipping consignments in bulk for multiple carriers. Print to thermal or laser printers.

  • Customisable pick slips and dispatch dockets

    Customise the layout and design of your pick slips and dispatch dockets.

  • Picker performance reports

    Run reports on the performance of your warehouse pickers and packers.

  • Offer free shipping

    Offer free shipping site-wide, by product, customer, or location.

  • Low cost routing

    Set up Neto to automatically select the cheapest shipping option based on your available methods.

  • Discounted shipping

    Discount shipping costs using coupon codes and set your own rules or requirements around each discount.


  • Real-time credit card gateways

    Integrated with leading payment gateways for real-time credit card processing. Accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, and American Express.

  • PayPal and PayPal Express

    Let customers pay the way they want. Our PayPal Express Checkout solution saves them time, turning potential customers into loyal shoppers.

  • Buy now, pay later

    Buy now, pay later options. Ideal for high-volume transactions. Approval process built directly into your Neto checkout flow. Zip Money, and Afterpay supported.

  • BPAY

    Your customers can pay bills in minutes using online or phone banking, which means faster payments for your business.

  • Non-integrated payments

    Add your own non-integrated payment options such as cash, direct bank deposit, money order, and others.

  • Split payments

    Accept two or more payment types in a single transaction, e.g. credit card and cash, or multiple credit cards.

  • Triggered and recurring payments

    Set up recurring payment plans for invoices and store credit card tokens for future purchases.

  • Part Payments and lay-bys

    Accept an order deposit upfront and apply multiple payments to a single order.

  • Surcharges

    Set up a surcharge percent for specific payment methods.

  • Account sales

    Offer invoice terms to your trusted customers, allowing them to buy now and pay later (e.g. 14 days from date of invoice). Neto automatically generates monthly statements for account customers.

  • Batch payment processing

    Apply a single payment to a batch of orders in a single click. Ideal for wholesale or B2B.

  • Payment reminders

    Automatic payment reminder emails for unpaid invoices with full PDF statement capability.


  • Customer accounts

    Store customer data including personal, address, and miscellaneous information on their account. Search, filter, and export your customer data. Quickly view account balance, and purchase or payment history.

  • Customer groups

    Classify your customers into groups. Assign different pricing rules and content access privileges to each group.

  • Contact log

    Log all communication you have with your customers in the contact log. Set follow-up reminders for staff members and email communication directly from Neto.

  • Account managers

    Assign customer account managers and run sales commission reports.

  • Know who matters most

    Quickly see who your most loyal customers are, run instant reports, and export results for use in marketing campaigns.

  • Customer loyalty

    Reward your loyal customers with your very own loyalty points program. Customers earn points for purchases that can be redeemed as credit towards future purchases.

  • Credit limits and invoice terms

    Set up credit limits and invoice terms, allowing your most trusted customers to buy on account and pay later.

  • Automate customer communication

    Create campaigns to send customers personalised emails based on purchase and account history (requires SmartrMail add-on).

  • Custom fields

    Create and name your own custom fields to store customer data. Collect data at checkout, enter it via your control panel or through importing.

B2B and Wholesale

  • Customer groups

    Classify your customers into groups. Assign different pricing rules and content access privileges to each group.

  • Multi-level pricing

    Charge different pricing based on the quantity purchased of each product. Ideal for volume/bulk discounts

  • Login to view pricing

    Limit pricing and other sensitive areas of your website to logged-in users.

  • Login to view content

    Limit access to your entire website or specific pages to logged-in users.

  • Custom invoice/order templates

    Assign different invoice/order templates to different customers, allowing you to control the content and layout of emailed and printed documents per customer.

  • Wholesale registration form

    Online wholesale registration form with built-in approval process. Automatically assign wholesale registrants to a specific customer group.

  • Credit limits and invoice terms

    Set up credit limits and invoice terms, allowing your most trusted customers to buy on their account and pay later.

  • Dropship on behalf of your customers

    Ship directly on behalf of your customers. Replace your logo with their logo on dispatch dockets automatically and provide them with up-to-date CSV or XML product and price lists.

  • Customer-specific discounts

    Set up customer-specific discounts. Apply a set percentage discount to their entire account or set up rule-based discounts.


  • Fulfil in-store

    Stock managed across multiple offline stores? Fulfil from your store with Neto Pick'n Pack, the world's first in-store pick, pack, and dispatch app with laser barcode scanning for Apple mobile devices.

  • Leverage marketplaces

    Sell through eBay, Facebook, Amazon Australia, comparison shopping engines, and other channels from a central inventory.

Marketing and SEO

  • Built for better search results

    Enterprise-level search engine optimisation features including global CDN, customisable URLs, meta-data, canonical tags, XML sitemaps, and more.

  • Promotions and discount coupons

    Configurable discount coupons and promotions. Trigger discounts automatically based on a pre-defined set of rules.

  • Abandoned cart saver

    Recover lost sales and increase conversions. Use automated emails to bring back lost sales.

  • Best in class eBay integration

    Why do eBay's biggest sellers use Neto? We automate your eBay listing process, manage your stock control, and make your listings stand out from the crowd.

  • Reward loyal customers

    Reward your loyal customers with your very own loyalty points program. Customers earn points for purchases that can be redeemed as credit towards future purchases.

  • Social media marketing

    Create a Facebook shop and add product and content sharing for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

  • Cross-sell and upsell

    Increase sales by suggesting add-on or alternative products to your customers, both on checkout or product pages.

  • Comparison shopping and affiliate engine feeds

    Drive sales with automated comparison shopping site feeds for all the leading comparison shopping engines.

  • Customer reviews and comments

    Allow your customers to rate and review products they have purchased. Enable commenting to allow others to comment on these reviews and blog posts.

Add-ons and API

  • Choose from a large number of pre-integrated apps

    Extend Neto with ready-made accounting, POS, inventory, and marketing apps.

  • Simple click-to-install

    No programming or development skills required. All listed apps are just a few clicks away!

  • API - Connect third-party apps to Neto

    The Neto application programmer interface (API) enables third-party software to interact with Neto. The Neto API supports both XML and JSON-encoded data as requests and responses.

  • Build a Neto app and get promoted

    Looking to build an integration with Neto? Contact our partner support team to discuss promoting your app to thousands of Neto users.

Analytics and reporting

  • Turn on Google Analytics

    Track your website traffic, transactions and conversion rates in real time with the world's leading analytics platform.

  • Measure KPIs through your dashboard

    Track orders, revenue, and key performance indicators with your own real-time dashboard. Install custom widgets and organise your dashboard to suit your specific needs.

  • Optimise your inventory

    Real-time inventory management reports with reorder alerts based on historical order data, future projections, and supplier lead times.

  • Run over 40 inbuilt reports

    Run order, payment, customer, inventory and other reports in real time. Export all reports to Excel for further analysis. Need more in-depth reporting? We offer custom report-writing services too.

  • Improve conversions with A/B split testing

    Install Optimizely's code-free visual editor for A/B split testing.

  • Track staff performance

    Log all staff actions for security and performance reporting purposes. Run sales commission, warehouse picking and account management reports.

Hosting and security

  • World-class hosting

    All sites are hosted on Amazon Web Services, which is trusted by some of the largest companies online. The data center NOC, our own systems, and the third-party services monitor the availability of your website from many locations worldwide.

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    Neto uses a global CDN on all webstores to speed up your customer's browsing experience. The CDN also improved the security of your site with managed DDOS protection and a web application firewall (WAF).

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

    We are so confident in our ecommerce hosting service that we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee as part of our standard SLA (Service Level Agreement).

  • Daily backups

    We run automated backups to ensure that your data will always be safe and sound. These backups are stored off-site for 30 days.

  • Staff audit trail

    Track every action a staff user takes by username and IP address.

  • Staff user permissions

    User permission settings allow you to control exactly what each of your staff can see and do within your control panel (on a page-by-page basis).

  • SSL secure

    Every customer is issued an SSL certificate for their domain name.


  • Local support

    Neto is based in Australia and Hong Kong. We have people on the ground, ready to support you by phone or email.

  • Ecommerce experts

    All customers have access to our team of ecommerce experts, a dedicated team of highly-trained staff who will help you launch your store and grow your business.

  • Over 900 support articles

    Neto's documentation website contains over 900 support articles and training guides. Its powerful search function makes finding answers to your questions easy.

  • Free training videos

    Learn the ropes by watching over 50 how-to training videos. Each video is a step-by-step walkthrough designed to get you up and running.

  • Free setup session

    Each Neto license includes a free 30-minute personal training session. Invite up to 20 of your colleagues to learn the ropes. Free setup sessions are run daily between 9am and 5pm AEST.

  • Private training sessions

    Schedule a personal web session with a Neto ecommerce expert. These sessions are recorded for your future reference and are run daily between 9am and 5pm AEST.