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Maropost Commerce Cloud makes reaching purchase-ready deal hunters easy with our wide range of Comparison Shopping Engine integrations. Just a few clicks is all it takes to connect to the most popular Shopping Engines.

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Shopping Engines

Connect and manage Shopping Engines through Maropost Commerce Cloud

With inbuilt support to the biggest Shopping Engines, Maropost Commerce Cloud makes listing and managing products on your chosen Comparison Shopping Engine seamless.

Manage all your listings in Maropost Commerce Cloud


Manage all your listings in Control the products and quantities sold


Manage and fulfil orders directly from Maropost Commerce Cloud

One platform, a world of integrations

We’re on a mission to open your store to your customers no matter where they are. That's why we support popular Shopping Engines including:

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If you've already got a Maropost Commerce Cloud account, you're only a few clicks away from connecting your products to any of the shopping engines above! Just use the link below to get set up.

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Shopping Engines
The only platform you need

Shopping Engine management is part of Maropost Commerce Cloud’s all-in-one retail platform.

Run your business from one integrated dashboard.

  • Sell online, in store, and on marketplaces and shopping engines
  • Manage inventory and customers
  • Pick, pack, and ship your orders
  • Report on your store's success

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