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Grow Sales with eBay and Amazon

With access to 15 million monthly customers and low operating costs, online marketplaces offer a huge opportunity for growth.

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Why Consider Australia's Favourite Channel?

  • Favourite Destination

    Australian consumers have spoken, marketplaces are now one of their number one shopping channels

  • Astronomical Growth

    Marketplaces are growing fast. Just last year alone, the category grew an incredible 75%

  • Predictable Monthly Costs

    With low monthly fees, marketplaces offer good margins and make calculating your pricing easy

  • The Future of Ecommerce

    With 52% of Online Sales occurring in marketplaces, this channel has quickly become the cornerstone of ecommerce

  • No Marketing Needed

    Marketplaces take care of attracting customers, meaning you won't pay for SEO, AdWords, Banner ads and other expensive marketing in order to sell

  • Open Your Store to the World

    Marketplaces present a unique opportunity to test markets around the globe without the expense that expanding abroad normally entails

Simplify Marketplace Management with Neto

Our powerful all-in-one platform streamlines your move into marketplaces, allowing you to test the waters without the risk of overturning the boat.

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    List from Neto

    Quickly add or update your product listings on eBay and Amazon Australia

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    Streamline Workflows

    Manage all channels through Neto and avoid using multiple platforms

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    One place for All Stock

    Unify your inventory across channels to prevent out of stock or oversell issues

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    Centralised Orders

    Never miss an order and ship faster with centralised order management

Free Report: Online Marketplaces 2018

Get first-hand research and data from Australian retailers as well as the latest intel on 17 global marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, Catch, and Alibaba.

Online Marketplaces 2018 report

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