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Product Information Management for all your channels

Tell a consistent product story across all channels. Manage, aggregate and distribute product data.

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The core repository for all your product information

Sell your products everywhere. Manage them from one place.

The core repository for all your product information

One platform to centralise, merchandise, and sync product data to all your sales channels and stakeholders. Feed your ecommerce websites, marketplaces, trading partners, and customers with accurate, up-to-date product information.

Unlimited attributes and specifics

Store an unlimited number of attributes or specifics against a product to enrich your data.

Flexible custom fields

Store all your product data and images in pre-defined fields or create your own fields on the fly, choosing from a variety of data formats.

Simplified pricing management

Manage multiple price levels for all your sales channels including promotions.

Flexible categorisation

Organise your products the way you want to. Create multiple category trees with an unlimited number of levels.

Image storage and optimisation

Uploaded images are automatically re-sized and optimised using your pre-defined settings for optimal performance across all your sales channels.

Large catalogue support

Neto supports the management of hundreds of thousands of SKUs and unlimited product attributes and images with bulk import and export tools.

The benefits of centralised product management

The benefits of centralised product management

Improved operational efficiency

With one place to add, update and manage your product data for all your sales channels, your back-office team will save time and improve accuracy.

Higher quality product content

With the ability to add an unlimited number of attributes and data fields to a product you can better enrich, categorise, and organise all your product information.

Increased revenue

By properly integrating your product data with multiple sales channels, you will increase discoverability and sales conversation rates.

Distribute your product information with ease

Multiple ways to broadcast data to sales channels, trading partners and customers


Neto’s API allows 3rd party apps to easily access your product data with strict access controls.

Native integrations

Neto integrates with leading marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, and accounting platforms.


Neto’s data feed engine empowers you to create high-quality product feeds for any channel using mapping logic and automated rules. No coding required.

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