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Neto vs WooCommerce

Find out how Australia's #1 all-in-one platform outperforms WooCommerce

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Supporting thousands of Retailers and Wholesalers

Neto powers thousands of Australian success stories, helping them scale fast.

How Neto outshines the rest

Sell everywhere, manage everything

The depth of our platform does not end at the shopping cart. Neto’s comprehensive back-end solution allows you to manage your omni-channel strategy from A to Z.

No need for expensive developers

We provide you with a fully hosted and maintained solution, with regular updates managed all for you, so you won't need expensive developers.

Australian built and supported

Yes - we’re based and develop in Australia, providing you with a competitive advantage where we understand your market better than any competitor. Our team is here to support you through chat, phone and email.

We truly grow with you

We empower customers to sell everywhere and diversify their sales channels by scaling harmoniously without increasing the total cost of ownership associated with your retail tech stack.

A blend of intuitive, sophisticated features

Unlike many of our US competitors, Neto offers a combination of advanced multi-layered functionality with easily configurable features that arm you with simple, yet robust capabilities.

Integrated customer experience

Neto is a complete retail management platform, so whether you’re selling from an online shop, brick and mortar store or online marketplace, the customer experience is always seamless.

Why Switch to Neto?


Neto is a fully managed and hosted solution, with weekly updates installed for you, so there’s no added costs or headaches


WooCommerce does not offer hosting or manage updates for you adding costs, stress and distracting you from running your business


Neto is PCI-DSS certified. We take care of security for you at no added cost


WooCoommerce is not PCI-DSS certified, adding costs and burden on your business to meet this standard


Neto has a rich and curated app store, allowing you to quickly and easily connect your store with the solutions you need, without the need for a developer


Like updates, adding plugins to WooCoomerce can be difficult and can require developer help to avoid unexpected consequences


Neto has deep integrations with leading shipping carriers, marketplaces and payments, so you don’t have to rely on 3rd party plugins


Connecting to leading providers on WooCommerce means hunting down the right 3rd party plugin, which typically only offer basic functionality


Neto is built to help you increase sales with out-of-the-box built-in abandoned cart features


WooCommerce does not have an inbuilt abandoned cart solution


Neto is born and based here in Australia. Our team is ready to support you via phone, live chat and email


WooCommerce has no office in Australia and only offers email support

What our customers say

Hundreds of world class add-ons and integrations

We have curated an add-on ecosystem for growing retailers and wholesalers

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