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Reduce ad spend, improve click-through rates, boost conversion & customer trust.

A Google Licensed Review Partner, is trusted with authentic customer feedback

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Automated Review Invitation

In-email review collection templates with automated review collection on new or previous orders.

Get Stars in Organic & Shopping Results

Choosing a Google-licensed review partner is the only way to be eligible for Google Seller Ratings.

Branded In-store Review Collection App

Bring review collection to anyone, anywhere, with our internet-free iPad app, and engage your users.

Effectively Publish Reviews comprehensive suite of review widgets gets you better on-page conversion, while our Social Sharing feature creates a dialogue.

Social Proof Feature

Turn UGC and reviews into social banners, create professional posters for all the leading social media platforms as well as Google Display Ads.

3rd Party Reviews

Direct customers to write reviews on a range of third parties sites using our automated technology.

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"We were at a point where we wanted to collect and share our customers' experience and also use it to get feedback on ways to improve our business. After checking out what they do and speaking to a rep it was an easy decision to give it a go.”

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