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Neto + Keesubscriptions

Neto + Keesubscriptions

Transform one-time shoppers into loyal (and totally delighted) repeat customers.

Keesubscriptions turns once-off products into repeat purchases with subscriptions.

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Recurring Products

Transform any existing one-time products into subscription options easily. Give your customers auto-delivery options for the products they love.

Subscription Boxes

Keesubscriptions makes selling boxes of the month simple. Sell monthly surprise boxes, veggie boxes or replenishments right from your Neto control panel.

Subscribe and Save

Quickly add the option to subscribe and save to your product page. Offer a discount to customers who receive your product on a recurring schedule.

Manage All Within Neto!

At last, your subscription orders are together in one place and easier than ever to manage. Seamless integration with Neto means order management is a piece of cake.

Simple to Use

Get up and running with Keesubscriptions in minutes with absolutely no strings attached. Transform one-time products into subscription products.

Reducing Cost of Acquisition

Love reducing your costs? Well, this is a no brainer - offering a financial incentive to get your customer onto a subscription will reduce your cost of acquisition over time/

“Keesubscriptions is the subscription solution we’ve been looking for. We are so happy with how easy it now is for us to offer our customers a regular supply of products for their pets - without them having to re-order them from us. The App integrates perfectly with our Neto store - which means we’ve been able to successfully and easily turn one time sales into repeat business.”

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