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Neto + Findify

Neto + Findify

Improve UX, boost conversion, and increase revenue with individual product personalisation

Findify has been proven to increase overall revenue for businesses by up to 30%

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Increase overall revenue by up to 30%

Findify’s AI puts the products shoppers desire, right in front of them - increasing relevance for you to sell more.

Improve UX and optimise site speed

Shoppers will have better experiences on your website when they are quickly shown products of interest to them.

Boost conversion with individual personalisation

The algorithm analyses 60+ factors that influence customer buying decisions and boosts products most likely to convert.

Fully customisable merchant experience

Every Findify solution can be customised in order to fit your online store’s look, style, and brand guidelines.

Ensure none of your store displays remain static

Findify personalises all solutions, including search, smart collections, and recommendations. No display is ever static.

Receive the highest level of support

Findify offers a dedicated Customer Care & Success team which provides support and advice to all Neto merchants.

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Findify has indeed helped us improve. Search became a lot faster and category pages became a lot smarter by using AI to arrange the products and improve conversion. If you are looking to take your standard ecommerce solution to the next level, I recommend you consider Findify

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