Neto Billing Update FAQ

  • When will I be moved?

    Over the next few weeks customers will receive communication around their new AUD pricing. Until then you will continue to be billed as per your last bill. On the date of your next invoice, you’ll receive communication from us with the details of your new price and switch date.

  • Can I be moved early?

    Unfortunately no. Due to the way our billing system works, we are not able to move you to AUD billing inside a billing cycle. On the date of your next invoice you will receive communications to notify you that your account will be moved in 30 days provided your account is paid in full.

  • Is my plan changing?

    No. Your plan is staying the same, with no changes to your inclusions. The only change that will be made is switching your plan to an AUD equivalent price.

  • Can I stay on USD?

    Yes you can can stay on USD billing simply by opting out of the change. To opt-out simply click login at the bottom of the page and complete the opt-out form. We recommend you only stay on USD if you do not receive any AUD charges such as Sendle.

  • How is the AUD price calculated?

    Our new AUD prices have been calculated by converting our existing USD plans into AUD. The conversion of these rates was a one off process and will not fluctuate against the US Dollar.

  • What about my add-ons/integrations pricing?

    We will convert all pricing to AUD billing, including add-ons/integrations. Your subscription and add-ons/integrations will continue to be billed in USD until your account is transitioned to AUD, after which all of your costs will be in AUD.

  • What are the AUD prices for plans?

    • Small Plan $109 + GST
    • Medium Plan $285 + GST
    • Large Plan $355 + GST
    • 360 Plan $709 + GST

  • What are the AUD Add-on/integration prices?

    • USD $49 + GST add-ons will be $69 + GST
    • USD $99 + GST add-ons will be $139 + GST
    • USD $199 + GST add-ons will be $285 + GST

  • What happens if the US dollar changes?

    The Australian prices for our plans have been calculated and fixed, meaning that moving forward your subscription costs will not be impacted by fluctuating currencies.

  • I am on a USD annual plan, can I switch to AUD monthly?

    Our annual plan contracts are a 12 month commitment that cannot be refunded. This means that if you wish to switch to monthly payments, you will need to see out the remainder of your contract term first.

  • If I have multiple Neto sites how will my billing work?

    If you have multiple Neto stores, you will receive communications explaining the move to AUD billing in line with the individual store’s billing cycle. Pricing for these stores will be converted using the same process outlined for single store customers.

To see the details of your AUD switch, click login below.

Note: This link will only work after you receive the email notifying
you that your account is ready to be switched.