Neto Pick’n Pack:
Optimising Your Order Fulfilment

Overhaul your picking, packing and shipping, and save hours each week!

Our Promise to You

Order fulfilment is the step in your retail process where you deliver on your promise. Literally. But all-too-often it is inefficient, messy and prone to errors, which costs you greatly in both the short and long term.

We aim to change that. Read this guide and you'll learn how to...

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    Save Time

    Overhaul your fulfillment processes and warehouse layout (best practice recommendations included)

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    Save on Paper and Printing Costs

    Going digital means no need to print mountains of costly pick slips,

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    Save on Labour Costs

    One retailer went from 9 staff picking, packing and dispatching orders to 1!

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    Reduce Errors

    No more picking the wrong item or data entry errors

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