Ecommerce Analytics That Unlocks Growth

Powered by Glew, Neto Analytics Studio delivers retail insights, alerts and automations to help you generate more revenue, cultivate loyal customers, optimise your product strategy and drive profitability.
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    Understand Your Financial Performance

    Drill down into net profit, Return on Investment (ROI), Average Order Value (AOV) and more on a channel level over time

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    Gain Insights Into Your Marketing

    Measure your advertising performance from Facebook, Google and more alongside your sales data to understand which campaigns are delivering ROI

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    Daily Automated Reports

    Get automated performance reports with your most important KPIs sent to your inbox, every day.

Cultivate Loyal Customers

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    Reward Your VIP Customers

    The top 10% of your customers likely generate a large portion of your total revenue. Convert these customers to brand advocates by requesting reviews, likes, referrals or survey submissions.

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    Target At-Risk Or Lost Customers

    Keeping a customer is cheaper than attracting a new one. Target individuals that have gone cold with a win-back campaign to keep them engaged.

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    Generate More Repeat Purchases

    Manage new customers with targeted campaigns to loyalty and return purchase.

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    Personalise Product Recommendations

    Grow conversion rates with outbound campaigns that show customers tailored product suggestions and targeted messaging.

Add Neto Analytics to Your Store

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