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Why Retailers Love Neto:

Neto seamlessly ties together all aspects of our business - from initial customer contact, order placement, shipping carrier integration, stock management, to after-sales support - and that's just scratching the surface! In the past three years since adopting Neto, Hoselink has grown by leaps and bounds.
Neither of our previous platforms had a proper integration with eBay, our accounting systems, or the shopping comparison sites. Let alone an integration with Australia Post (which is amazing with Neto). If I was still on my previous platform, I’d probably need three to five people to do the job Neto automatically does.
Within 6 weeks we had slashed our website management costs by 50%, and were able to reduce the number of full time staff working on order and payment processing from three down to just one.
The time saving is huge – you get the opportunity to look at the bigger business picture because you’re not stuck on admin.

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