Neto v5 Release Notes

30 Oct 2013 9 min read

New Support Documentation

Docs is the new home for all Neto support documentation. Built on Neto v5 docs.neto contains new training videos, over 300 support articles and a range of other support resources for users, designers and developers.

New Search Engine

Our next full text search engine now searches product descriptions as well as product names and other keyword fields helping your customers find what they need quickly. In addition to searching products, the search engine can now also search any other content type on your website (eg: articles, buying guides, information pages etc).

Search results can also be split by content type so that your customers can find exactly what they are looking for. A good example of this is on our new support site. Here we split video results and support article results. Click here to see for yourself.

Note: changes will need to be made to your website front end to accommodate the splitting of search results by content type. You can request for design changes to be made to your site here.

New Product Filters

You can now create an unlimited number of product filters on your website category pages so that customers can find exactly what they are looking for quickly. Customers can select multiple filters. For example you may want to give customers the option to filter by size, colour and price within a category.

Source: Support Video

Product Management

New Product Management User Interface

We have re-built the product management UI from the ground up. Highlights include:

  1. Instant image uploading (no more waiting for images to process server side)
  2. Drag and drop image upload (drag an entire folder of images to your product edit screen)
  3. New product variation manager (makes adding product variations or child products easier)
  4. Stock updates for each of your warehouse directly from product edit screen
  5. Clone products now clones all related variations of a product (ideal for setting up template products for quickly adding new products
  6. Customise view - allows you to control which fields appear as editable through your control panel (you can hide unnecessary fields to keep things simple).

Training Video

New Product Category Manager & Import Method

Product category management is now easier than ever before. Features of the new product category manager include:

  • Move categories around your category tree without limitations (previously you were not able to move the location of a category in relation to another, this is now possible without impacting your SEO)
  • Rename or change the URL of categories
  • Instant category menu updates (no more waiting for changes to take effect on website front end)
  • Multiple category trees. For example an auto parts retailer may have a regular category tree for shopping by product type and an auto parts finder for shopping by car make and model.

Importing your product categories is now easier than ever before.

Compatibility Categories Merged With Content Types

Note: If you are not using compatibility categories you can ignore this section.

Compatibility categories have been deprecated and the concept has been merged with product categories. You can now create additional category trees (equivalent to compatibility lists) and assign products to these.


Existing compatibility category lists will continue to work as they have on your website front end and will be automatically migrated to the new content system. However, import templates that import to the deprecated compatibility category fields will need to be adjusted to import to the newly created category trees. For support with this please contact [email protected].

Warehousing and Stock Management

We have re-built and simplified the stock management system. Stock calculations for kitted / bundled products is now more accurate than ever, and is updated in realtime.

You can now quickly create multiple warehouses and add stock to your warehouses from either the product edit, stock take or stock adjustment screens.

Additionally each warehouse will now appear as a new stock field to import to in the import system. Allowing you to quickly import accurate stock adjustments.

If you are using the Neto API to update stock numbers please refer to the updated API documents for v5. Use the field “WarehouseQuantity” to update your stock numbers.

API Docs

Orders and Order Processing

The order management functionality in v4 and v5 is much the same with only cosmetic changes to order list pages and order edit screens. Further feature enhancements are in development and will be released in the new year (post Christmas rush).

Custom Print Documents

Customers can now request to have custom print documents (such as custom pick slips) developed. These custom print docs will appear under the print button on an orders edit screen as well as during bulk/batch processing.


Temando ( and SmartSend ( are now available for real time shipping quotes and real time labelling. Contact [email protected] to have Temando or SmartSend installed.



Neto is one of the first service providers in Australia to offer MasterPass. MasterPass makes checking out on your website simple and fast for your customers. MasterPass works in conjunction with all Neto supported payment gateway providers. All you need to do is turn it on! There are no additional fees or charges and all payments process through your existing payment gateway. Learn more about MasterPass.


eBay Category Mapping

Map your web shop categories to eBay categories so that you do not need to create multiple listing templates or manually assign eBay categories for each product in your database. Category mapping could save you hundreds of hours. Simply tell Neto which eBay primary, secondary and store category your webshop category relates to and the system will use that when listing to eBay.

In Stock / Out Of Stock Control for eBay

You can now mark products as “Sold Out” on eBay instead of having to end and relist them. Simply turn on the “out of stock control“ flag on your applicable eBay listing templates to take advantage of this great new feature. This feature will ultimately help you to maintain your best match rankings.

Blog image
Blog image

Bulk Import eBay Listings

Once you have setup a listing template you can now bulk import products to the listing template so that they are listed to eBay.

Content Management

Probably the most significant change in Neto V5 is the rebuild of our content management system (CMS). You can now educate your buyers while they shop with searchable information pages, buying guides, articles, recipes and your own custom content types. Most importantly you can link relevant content and products together to create a meaningful matrix of information.

We have identified that content is key to differentiating your website from your competition, both in terms of SEO and user experience. This is why we have made improving our CMS a focus of our development efforts.

Existing content types from legacy versions of Neto will still exist (eg: buying guides, articles etc) however in v5 you can go on to create as many of your own content types as you require.

Below are some examples of different content types other businesses have already created with Neto v5:

  • Recipes
  • Support Articles
  • FAQ
  • Training Guides
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Additional product category trees is an example of a content driven site, developed using our new CMS.

Note: changes will need to be made to your website front end to accommodate the new content types you add. You can request for these design changes to be made to your site here


You can now completely rewrite the structure and content of all product, category and content page URLS.

This change will only impact new pages you create, unless you choose to rewrite old page URLs. If you do rewrite an existing page URL, the system will automatically create a 301 redirect to point all traffic to your newly created URL. This is SEO best practice.