Inventory Update: Love Entering Purchase Orders

29 Jan 2019 3 min read

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we thought there was no better way to show our love than to improve your Inventory Management experience, giving you more time to run your business … and take that special someone out. Read on for the latest updates to Neto Advanced Inventory.

Fit more lines in your purchase orders

Purchase Order Line Limit
The purchase order line limit has grown to 2000

We've beefed up the amount of lines you can add to a single purchase order from 90 to 2000! Now large orders can simply fit on one PO instead of five, saving you precious hours in the process.

Auto-save while you type

Auto-save feature
Purchase orders now automatically save as you edit.

Accidentally close your window? Hit back in your browser? Never lose a new purchase order again with auto-saving backing up your work every 10 seconds.

New 'Draft' status

Purchase order draft
You can now create draft purchase orders

The new 'Draft' status lets you create and edit purchase orders as a draft without affecting incoming quantities, letting you add items to an order over multiple days while leaving your current stock levels unchanged.

Enter the cost price of goods

Purchase Order Supply Price
Easily change supply prices for each item

When receiving purchase orders you can now update the "supply price" for each line item with the cost from the supplier’s bill, helping you more easily reflect the true cost of your orders without having to leave the page.

Receiving orders has moved

Add to purchase order
Easily add products to a purchase order from other pages

To help make receiving new orders easier to follow and complete we’ve moved the section from a tab to its own page, so it is never skipped by accident.

Add products to purchase orders from the product page

Need to quickly add something to your purchase order? You can now add products to an existing PO from the product page without having to leave and add it to the order.

Extra tweaks and improvements to the purchase order experience:

  • Sort your purchase orders by clicking on any column header
  • New approval step added when creating a purchase order to reduce errors and increase oversight
  • Preview up to 20 purchase order lines on the product listing page
  • Several new user interface improvements

All of these features are live for Advanced Inventory users right now in the Stock Control area in CPANEL. You can also read more about the new features in our Support Hub article.