Top 10 Australian Ecommerce Trends For 2015

22 Sep 2015 3 min read

As online spending continues to soar, the ever-changing market makes it important for ecommerce companies in Australia to adapt, anticipate trends and innovate to maintain and grow their customer base.

Here are 10 ecommerce trends for 2015 you need to know about to stay ahead of your competitors.

1. Australian Ecommerce’s Global Standing

Australia is ranked number 10 for best ecommerce market in the world. This is a small drop from our 9th place in 2014 against the recent strong performance of European countries such as Belgium, France and Germany.

2. Ecommerce Growth in Australia

As more consumers move online for greater value and convenience, ecommerce has grown by 22% over the past year.

3. Australian Ecommerce Value

The industry is set to top $10 billion this year, offering lots of opportunities for ecommerce businesses.

4. The Rise Of Mobile

Thanks to mobile technology, Australians can now shop anywhere, any time. 30% of Aussies have purchased online with their smartphone in the past 12 months. By 2017, mobile ecommerce market will have a predicted worth of $721 million. More than ever, online retailers need to have excellent mobile functionality.

5. Who Shops The Most

Melbourne are the biggest users of online shopping in Australia, while Toowoomba in Queensland has the most users among regional towns.

6. Who Spends The Most

Sydney's shoppers are bigger spenders than Melbourne's, with an average $285 per transaction. You can use geotargeting to dynamically tailor your products and web content to tap into this lucrative market.

7. The Busiest Online Shopping Day

The most popular day of the week to shop is Tuesday, so make sure to coordinate your email marketing to get customers' attention when they're in the shopping mood.

8. The Busiest Online Shopping Time

Most online shopping occurs between 6pm-9pm when people are relaxing at home after work, making this a great window for countdown offers and social media discount deals.

9. What We Buy

The top performing categories for this quarter of 2015 were household items, discount stores, electronics, and travel. Groceries and liquor also make up a significant portion of online sales.

10. The Most Successful Ecommerce Websites in Australia

eBay – Traditionally an online auction site, many ecommerce businesses have jumped on board and now use it as a way to complement their web store.

Gumtree – The UK's biggest classifieds website has gained serious traction in Australia as a popular way to buy and sell between consumers.

Amazon – The US's largest online retailer has diversified from its bookstore roots into movies, music, video games, furniture, toys and jewellery.

Oz Bargain – A community site dedicated to helping Australian shoppers find the best deals, Oz Bargain helps Australians by sharing vouchers, freebies and news of special promotions among its users.

JB Hi-Fi – Australia's biggest consumer electronics retailer also offers video games, DVDs and online music streaming services, while communicating special promotions to consumers via social media.


2015 has seen the rise of many trends that revolutionise the way Australians shop, making ecommerce an exciting place to be right now.

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