Neto launches Apple Pay

08 Oct 2019 2 min read

Neto merchants can now seamlessly activate Apple Pay on their websites, allowing their iPhone, iPad and Mac customers to checkout with one touch payment using Apple’s TouchID fingerprint technology.

There are many benefits to offering Apple Pay at checkout:

  • Improved Conversions — even on the best checkouts, a lot of information is required and there is a lot of room for human error. When using Apple Pay at checkout, billing, shipping and payment details are automatically populated with details saved in the shoppers mobile phone or web browser. This significantly reduces both time and effort to complete checkout, improving conversions.
  • Capitalise on Mobile Traffic — while mobile traffic now accounts for the majority of web traffic for many online retailers, the standard checkout flow can be especially cumbersome on mobile devices, resulting in a much lower conversion rate. By making checkout significantly easier, Apple Pay can have a significant impact on mobile conversions, particularly for users who have already tried Apple Pay before and understand how much easier checkout can be.
  • Reduce Fraud — Apple Pay requires shoppers to verify their identity by entering a pin code/password or through biometric authentication, reducing instances of fraud.
  • Improved Trust — by offering payments through reputed technology brands such as Apple, you can give your shoppers more confidence in the security and reliability of your checkout.

Who is eligible for Apple Pay?

Merchants with both Managed Checkout and Stripe configured can offer Apple Pay at checkout.

How can merchants enable Apple Pay?

Apple Pay can be enabled by a simple toggle in the Stripe payment configuration in the Neto Control Panel. Click here for a support article on how to setup Apple Pay.