Automate your pricing with Neto and Streetpricer

10 Jul 2019 1 min read

Streetpricer has launched velocity based repricing for Neto eBay Sellers, a powerful pricing automation tool that optimises your sales velocity and inventory turnover.

Unlike the Streetpricer competitor based pricing feature, velocity based pricing is ideal for private label brands without detailed product data like UPC or EAN or for businesses that don't have a direct competitor. It helps to automate your business by adjusting your products sell price based on how well products are selling, or not selling.

Streetpricer is directly integrated with the Neto platform and can be installed from the Neto Add-on Store in just a few clicks.

Once setup, Streetpricer will automatically update your Neto product database based on the rules you setup in Streetpricer. It is designed to be a "set and forget" repricing engine, replacing an otherwise manual process in your business. Watch the Add-on Spotlight webinar below for an overview of Streetpricer. To get started with Streetpricer, visit their website, or install the Streetpricer add-on in the Neto Add-on Store.

If you are selling on eBay and not already optimising your pricing through automation, this add-on is well worth a try!