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About this add-on

The right stock, in the right place, at the right time, all the time. It's easy and enjoyable with Unleashed. Unleashed is a powerful inventory management platform with advanced features such as costed purchase orders, kitting and multi-warehouse support.

Using this integration, you can:

  • Import stock levels from Unleashed to Neto
  • Export orders from Unleashed to Neto
  • Import tracking details from Unleashed to Neto
Also available as a OneSass add-on.

Setup instructions

  1. You will first need to sign up for an Unleashed account
  2. From the Neto cPanel, click Add-ons in the navigation menu
  3. If you have not enabled the Neto Connect module yet, scroll down to Neto Modules > Neto Connect, and click Install
  4. On the Add-ons page, scroll down to Inventory Management > Unleashed, and click Install